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Research on special adhesive for alcohol soluble polyurethane aluminized film composite (Part 2)

as a manufacturer of alcohol soluble two-component polyurethane adhesive, Huzhou oumei Chemical Co., Ltd., its R & D center, based on the characteristics of aluminized film and the characteristics of alcohol soluble adhesive, started with the reaction mechanism of adhesive. Next, we will understand the structural adjustment of gold we work heavy release on their molecules, This swelling adhesive not only retains the advantages of alcohol soluble adhesive, but also achieves the effect of avoiding the transfer of aluminum coating. The following two 1. Self locking: self locking 1 is generally inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency, which is the physical characteristics of the two varieties produced by the company

the author conducted experiments on the above two varieties, and the experimental results are as follows:

experimental equipment and 1.7 materials under load: OPP printing, VMCPP, VMPET, dry laminating machine, wire roller (120#, 60), tension machine

experimental process: glue concentration 30% and 25%, compound pressure 4kg, three-stage drying temperature 60 ℃, 70 ℃, 80 ℃, compound temperature 60 ℃, machine speed 85m/min, curing temperature 40 ℃, curing time 48 hours

table 2

phenomenon: a small amount of aluminum is transferred locally, and there are no white spots at the ink

summary: it can be seen that alcohol soluble adhesives can effectively eliminate white spots when the dry basis of glue application reaches 2.0 g/m2, and the composite strength is high. In addition, from the perspective of application cost, due to the low coating amount, the final use cost is effectively reduced by about 15%, bringing real benefits to the majority of users

author/Wang Kewen Huzhou oumei Chemical Co., Ltd

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