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China's corrugated box industry - modern lightweight research

in the 21st century, China's corrugated box began to carry out lightweight production, and it will take 10, 20 years or even longer to reach the lightweight level of developed countries

now describe the operation method of this experimental machine as follows: the development of corrugated box industry in China is modernization to promote lightweight, and lightweight to promote modernization

several historical periods of corrugated box development

1. In the 25 years of China's reform and opening up, the reducer is a power transmission mechanism, which is an important historical period of corrugated box development in China

in the 1980s, China used relatively primitive single-machine handicraft to process corrugated boxes, and imported a small number of single-sided semi mechanized and mechanized corrugated production lines to produce cartons. During this period, it is China's transition from a planned economy to a market economy, and the development of China's corrugated box industry is in a transitional period

In the 1990s, China's market economy began to show vitality, industrial production took off, and foreign trade exports soared. In order to ensure the quality of exported cartons, the National Commodity Inspection Bureau has implemented quality licenses throughout the country, and clearly put forward the requirements of using single-sided machined cartons. So far, a number of township enterprises, which are growing up in the market economy like other measures related to plastics and sustainable development, have competed to buy single-sided machines across the country. In just three to five years, corrugated boxes across the country have achieved semi mechanized production of single-sided machines. This is a new turning point

3. In the 10 years from the mid-1990s to the 21st century, with the sustained and rapid development of domestic economy, China's corrugated box industry has entered a high incidence period. In the first five years, the mechanized corrugated board production line comprehensively replaced the semi mechanized single-sided machine to produce corrugated board; In the next five years, the corrugated production line began to upgrade from Popularization - to the medium and high-end advanced level. At this time, the development of corrugated box industry in China has undergone qualitative changes

in 1995, the total output of corrugated board in China was 740000 square meters. By 2000, the national corrugated board output soared to 1.23 million square meters, almost doubling in five years, ranking third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan. In 2002, the total output of corrugated board in China reached 15.8-20 billion square meters, surpassing Japan and ranking second in the world. Since then, the status of corrugated box in China has entered the ranks of international modernization

it must be pointed out that the modernization of China's corrugated box industry is still in its infancy and only represents the output of corrugated board, which is far behind the modernization level of developed countries

in the process of modernization of China's corrugated box industry, there have been large enterprises "centralized board manufacturing" and small and medium-sized enterprises "decentralized box manufacturing", which is the professional division of labor of social mass production. The carton industry has changed from comprehensive competition to comprehensive cooperation. The main competitive relationship occurs between large enterprises, which is a modern high-level competition

light weight development of corrugated boxes

1. With the emergence of mechanized mass production in China's corrugated box industry, there are higher requirements for the quality of corrugated boxes. In the 21st century, the "high-strength, low gram weight" production of cartons promoted in China's corrugated box industry, many experts believe that this is to reduce the cost of cartons, in fact, this is to lay the foundation for the overall lightweight of corrugated boxes

the backwardness of China's corrugated box industry is mainly reflected in the long-term use of high gram weight and low-strength paper to process cartons. It is believed that only in this way can the quality of cartons be guaranteed to be solid. The low standard of cartons has seriously delayed papermaking, resulting in the poor quality of domestic base paper. Later, the requirement of "high strength and low gram weight" was put forward, and the gram weight was reduced by twice. The strength of corrugated base paper must be higher. At present, the electronic universal experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has the following three performance characteristics: it must be improved, which has promoted China's paper industry to a higher level

2. What is the goal of lightweight corrugated boxes? In the United States, three-layer corrugated boxes account for 89.4%, while five and seven layers account for only 10%. This is lightweight. China is just the opposite: 5-layer corrugated boxes account for more than 80%, and 3-layer corrugated boxes account for only about 15%, which is weight. It is a long-term and difficult task to shift from weightiness layer by layer to lightweight

3. Under the condition of mechanized production of corrugated boxes, the key to realize the lightweight of cartons is paper. China's paper industry is basically at the same level of development as corrugated boxes

the 10 years since the mid-1990s have been a period of high incidence of China's paper industry. In 2001, China's paper production (32 million tons) exceeded that of Japan (30.73 million tons) for the first time, only second to the United States (80.25 million tons), leaping to the second place in the world

the total output of paper and paperboard in China reached 43million tons in 2003. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China has been producing corrugated base paper and carton board for cartons, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%

since China's entry into WTO, the investment industrial structure of China's paper industry has seen a pattern in which foreign capital, state-owned capital and private capital are divided into three parts. In the mid-1990s, a number of foreign-funded enterprises swarmed into China's Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places to establish papermaking bases. In recent years, international paper giants have created a strong papermaking sector in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. In the future, a large number of high-strength and low-weight corrugated boxes and cartons will be supplied to the national market one after another, providing a strong guarantee for the lightweight of corrugated boxes in China

the future development of corrugated box industry

the modernization and lightweight of China's corrugated box industry largely depend on the total domestic production, product structure and commodity export. The total domestic production is the foundation, the product structure is the premise, and the commodity export is the level. The development of corrugated boxes in China is restricted by these three factors. At the same time, there are other comprehensive factors

1. The experience of corrugated box modernization in developed countries shows that the development of carton machinery must have an expansion period, with a serious surplus of carton equipment, and then adjust, adjust the number of low-grade production lines, and improve the technical level of high-grade production lines. When the carton machinery is adjusted to a reasonable position, then move towards a stable development road

China's corrugated production lines reached their peak in 2003. Some people said that there were 3000 lines in the country. Jingshan light machinery, the manufacturing giant of China's corrugated production line, is known as the world's largest sales line. 265 sales production lines were announced in 2003. If you add the production lines and imported production lines made by other domestic manufacturers, 500-600 new production lines were added last year. What is the digital concept compared with the existing more than 600 lines in the United States and more than 800 lines in Europe? You can imagine. However, since this year, the number of corrugated production lines in China has decreased significantly. I predict that in the next 10 to 20 years, China's corrugated board production lines will be adjusted from the current 3000 lines to 1500 online and offline, including 1000 high-end lines and 500 medium and low-end lines, which are distributed all over the country. The number of such production lines is 1.4 times higher than that of the United States (660 lines). The output of corrugated board in the United States is three times that of us

the modernization of corrugated production lines lies not in the number of production lines, but in the grade and technical level. Therefore, the domestic carton machinery manufacturing industry must from now on, from quantity to quality, from medium and low-grade to medium and high-grade. The large, comprehensive, small and scattered industrial structure of the machinery industry must be adjusted through reorganization, reorganization, merger and other ways to improve the technical level of machinery. If you are not clear headed, slow in action, blindly pursue output and carry out low-level operation, these carton machinery enterprises will be mercilessly punished by the market. At the same time, it must be pointed out that in the future, China's carton machinery will shift from relatively simple localization to international multilateralization. When I attended the packaging activities in Dalian and Shanghai and met with the Chinese sales managers in Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States, I pointed out to them: I know that your high-grade, high-tech and high-priced carton production lines have made great efforts to promote in China, but the sales volume is small, which obviously means that the market opportunity in China is not right. Now the domestic equipment is full, and there is a serious surplus. In the future, The production volume of medium and low-grade production lines will fall, and the volume of high-grade production lines will rise. It is estimated that in three to five years, China's carton machinery market will be opened to you, and your opportunity will come. I suggest you to cultivate the Chinese market from now on, and accelerate the full opening of the Chinese market to you

2. The standardization of market economy is a serious problem. China's corrugated box manufacturing enterprises have generally carried out restructuring, from state-owned and collective ownership to private and joint-stock systems. The current enterprise mechanism has adapted to the market economy, but the enterprises face the market is not standardized, and various bad behaviors have been harming the enterprises, making them headache. On the one hand, the reason for the non-standard market is that China's market economy is in the primary stage, and various chaotic phenomena of disorderly competition affect enterprises. On the other hand, China's carton industry has long lacked the unified management of industry associations. Central leaders have emphasized the important role of industry associations and industry management for many years, but unfortunately, there is basically no news. Many local governments are dispensable as industry associations and turn a blind eye to them. In the future, local industry associations must be reorganized and newly built, which cannot be simply and hastily pieced together. New industry associations that adapt to the development of market economy must be established, and they can really shoulder the sacred responsibility of industry management entrusted by the government, so as to correctly guide the development of enterprises

3. We should cultivate modern successors. The first generation of corrugated box enterprises in China is the product of planned economy and is known as the "last emperor". That is, state-owned and collectively owned enterprises. After the reform and opening up, generations of new township enterprises have sprung up like mushrooms. Farmers' muddy legs coming from the ridges of the fields have climbed onto the big platform of market economy to fight the world. The situation has created heroes. After years of "bloody struggle", a batch of planned economy enterprises have fallen, and the second generation of farmers' "uprising" has been successful. After more than ten years of hard work, they have developed their enterprises from small to large and from large to strong. With the support of the local government, representative large enterprises across the country have successively moved into economic development zones or industrial parks. Tall and spacious new plants, large production lines, and employees in neat overalls have walked in and seen that this generation has made modernization. At the beginning of modernization, when the second generation is about to hand over their duties, the factory directors and managers who have worked hard for the second generation are ready to hand over the baton to the younger and knowledgeable third-generation successors due to the limitations of low education and aging

China's third-generation corrugated box industry successors represent the needs of the industry and become the hope of modernization

IV. conclusion

the international modernization of China's corrugated box industry is to realize the lightweight of corrugated box production. Modernization is lightweight, and lightweight is modernization. I think this positioning makes the goal and direction of corrugated boxes clear and clear

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