The hottest PLC and PAC markets came out of recess

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The PLC and PAC markets have come out of recession and ushered in a rebound

[Guide: the economic stimulus plans announced by governments in succession have listed infrastructure construction as the focus of investment, including highway construction, water and sewage treatment, power facilities, etc. PLC and PLC based PAC system are the core equipment of infrastructure construction and operation, and will benefit from it.]

the global PLC (programmable logic controller) and PLC based PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) market experienced a sharp decline in 2009. Affected by favorable factors such as infrastructure investment, good financial system and surging consumer demand, emerging economies have not experienced a serious recession. Although it is difficult to see the growth prospects of the market from the current economic environment, we can still perceive the growth momentum of the market in the next five years

the industrial sector will continue to increase investment in automation equipment and services, and promote the global PLC and PLC based P, which mainly indicates that the AC market is expected to show a growth trend in the next five years. Himanshushah, a senior analyst of arc Consulting Group, pointed out in his "PLC and PAC Global Market Research Report" that the increasing demand for energy conservation, higher infrastructure productivity and production accuracy, higher quality products, higher machine agility, stricter process control and gradual improvement of safety performance will become the key growth drivers of the market

infrastructure investment drives market recovery

the economic stimulus plans announced by governments all over the world have listed infrastructure construction as the focus of investment, including highway construction, water and sewage treatment, power facilities, etc. Globalization has also created a lot of demand for modern infrastructure construction, especially in emerging economies. The construction of airports and highways has brought huge demand for raw materials for metal and mining, cement and glass, oil and natural gas and other industries. Emerging economies have realized that the current wave of infrastructure is the bottleneck of their sustained and rapid economic growth. PLC and PLC based PAC system are the core equipment of infrastructure construction and operation, and will benefit from it

regional market momentum

Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is the largest market for PLC and PAC, and it is also the market that was hardest hit in 2009. In the EMEA market, Germany suffered the most serious impact, its lifeline export business stagnated, and the automotive industry suspended investment in capital equipment

North American steel ingots have uniform composition, dense structure and few inclusions, and the market has long shown signs of decline. The automobile market has been in trouble, the entire financial system is suffering a disaster, and the PLC and PAC markets are rapidly and sharply declining

Asian and Japanese markets are also shrinking. In order to measure the yield characteristics of materials, the Chinese market has shown strong growth in the past few years, and the future growth will be more moderate. The power and pharmaceutical industries will invest heavily in PLC and PAC equipment, and the growth of the export market will be slower than in previous years

based on the market analysis and prediction, this research report describes in-depth and comprehensive strategic issues that have a significant impact on the market. On the basis of quantitative prediction, the product mix and market strategy of the main suppliers of PLC and PAC are deeply analyzed, and the problems that will have a decisive impact on the future operation are explored

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