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On April 25, the pilot version of FAW Jiefang J6 appeared at the 2016 (14th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, with the nuclear "core" equipped with the Xichai Aowei 6dm3 engine, Its surging power and fuel-saving economic characteristics are prominent, and the scene has attracted many media and visitors to stop and watch. After the product is launched into the market, it has a good reputation among the user group, and the high-quality image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

high efficiency, energy saving, low consumption and great courage of Xichai core

Figure 1: Xichai Aowei 6dm3 13 liter engine

liberated car, trust does not turn over; The core of Xichai is well-known to each other. Xichai Aowei 6dm3 engine shines brightly at the Beijing auto show, and its reputation as the "value first choice" is not a false name. When it comes to Xichai Aowei machine, many used truck drivers will give a thumbs up to Aowei 11 liter machine, with high product support rate and reputation among the best in the industry driven by the new Internet, which can be called the "power star" with the same displacement in the market. Quality and power are carefree. Word of mouth is good. More and more people have joined the user group of Xichai Aowei machine, and the brand trust has doubled. Naturally, when users choose high-power cars, they will give priority to the Jiefang car equipped with Xichai Aowei machine

the head of FAW Xichai R & D department said, "at present, the demand for 13 liter gold displacement power in the international market is increasing day by day. The launch of our Aowei 6dm3 engine can be said to follow the trend, with 500 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2300nm. With high technology, strong power, high reliability, strong fuel saving ability and high experience value, it can fully meet the needs of the logistics market, which is another masterpiece of the Aowei series of Xichai."

as one of the key R & D projects of Wuxi Diesel, the second generation of Aowei 13 liter national five machine has entered the market launch stage, and the market response is enthusiastic at present. It is reported that the product applies the domestic advanced fcri high-pressure common rail fuel system, the fuel injection pressure can reach 2000bar, and the tail gas treatment adopts SCR technology, which makes the fuel economy of the product good. It is a well deserved "environmental protection pioneer". Its successful development and smooth launch make "high-end quality, low-carbon emission power" close to users, becoming the mainstream of the market is no longer a dream, but also makes Xichai go more and more smoothly on this sustainable development path. This is also an epitome of Xichai's efforts to face market challenges, promote lean research and development, innovate and drive development, tap the potential for efficiency, and achieve quality and efficiency development

Under the globalization thinking, quality plays a "dual" role in economic and social development, which not only strengthens the basic position, but also provides strong support. In the critical period of China's economic development and transformation, the national strategy for quality development has been formulated, which provides the main direction and initiative to improve the overall quality level of local brand products and enhance international competitiveness. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that "quality development is the foundation of a strong country, the foundation of a career and the key to transformation. Let the pursuit of excellence and quality become the value orientation of the whole society."

Figure 2: Xichai quality culture

"quality is the life of an enterprise. Advocating quality is the eternal proposition of enterprise development. Standing at the height of an enterprise, the foundation of development is the brand attraction condensed by the support of users, and the essence of all this is product quality to meet the needs of users for quality." Qian Hengrong, director of FAW Xichai, shared three ways to develop quality and efficiency in the future: "To cope with the challenges in the future, we should be rational, attach importance to quality, and establish a correct value orientation. First, we should firmly establish the quality awareness of 'quality first' and 'user satisfaction as the ultimate goal' in business management, and unswervingly follow the quality benefit development path; second, we should pay attention to talent cultivation, and constantly improve the overall quality of employees; third, we should continue to promote the construction of quality culture, strengthen management, improve quality, and provide excellent service, so that the whole The concept of comprehensive quality management is organically combined with the maximization of comprehensive benefits of enterprises. In short, to create high-quality products and services, we need to rely on quality and services to achieve economic growth. "

fine planning, structural adjustment, expansion and efficiency creation Xintiandi

output is closely linked to demand. Product output is the ultimate carrier of benefits, and the "fluctuation" of output will determine the development and future of enterprises. The power of the "low price bomb" in the market is weakening, and the increase without increasing profits has become an invisible curse. Many small and medium-sized internal combustion engine enterprises are facing a survival crisis

for time-honored state-owned enterprises, in the face of market challenges, constantly adapting to changes and rapidly adjusting the output structure is an inevitable choice to improve competitiveness, expand influence and enhance economic benefits. FAW Xichai aims at the benefit output, plans in advance, and the speed control is not accurate. It adjusts the strategy, output structure and management mode structure, makes market research precise and meticulous, and quality management measures to continuously improve the development efficiency. Based on the market feedback, Xichai timely increased efforts to optimize the production capacity and output structure. In this month, the total output of Xichai Aowei, Hengwei and Kangwei brand engines increased by more than 43% month on month, with a year-on-year increase of 6.59%

structural optimization has opened up a Xintiandi of "increasing volume and efficiency" for Xichai. As the oldest internal combustion engine enterprise in China, FAW Xichai is aware of changes, changes, and is willing to change. Under the multi pronged approach of trucks, passenger cars, off-road, remanufactured, and reconstructed vehicles, it constantly optimizes the output structure and effectively controls the operating costs

actuarial cost reduction releases new vitality of efficiency

in economics, quality is the premise of efficiency, and efficiency lies in quality, and efficiency cannot be separated from cost. Cost reduction in procurement is one of the important links of cost improvement. Hou Chang, who just won the title of "liberating advanced workers" not long ago, was an outstanding representative on the active cost reduction front

"As a price reviewer of the Ministry of planning and finance, cost improvement must be rigorous. Hou Chang once had a strong professional sensitivity and heart. When he encountered problems, he would rise to the difficulties and try to solve them. Whether it was in the process of 4dw national fourth and competitive products benchmarking, or doing a good job in purchasing cost reduction meticulously, he made unremitting efforts for the goal of 6dm2 common rail and 6dl1/2 single pump sprint, and set the target cost through cost benchmarking, so as to actively and effectively promote it 'cost reduction and efficiency increase' work. " A relevant leader of the planning and Finance Department of Xichai gave a good evaluation of his work

for a long time, he has worked conscientiously and carried out cost improvement comprehensively and systematically. In addition to the cost improvement projects proposed in the Benchmarking Report, he has also put forward a number of improvement suggestions to continuously improve the competitiveness of products and release innovative vitality

"as we embark on a new journey, we will focus on efficiency, efficiency and efficiency." FAW Xichai leading cadre representatives once said at the "13th five year plan strategy" promotion oath conference: "in terms of quality and efficiency, we should continue to strengthen objectives, quality costs, input-output, lean design, comprehensive benchmarking management, and improve cost control capabilities to ensure that the annual cost reduction target is 100% achieved."

"a tree that hugs is born at the slightest; a nine story platform starts from the tired soil; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Xichai people believe that as long as they establish a correct value orientation, consolidate the foundation for quality and benefit development, reasonably optimize the product structure, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and work hard to improve quality, and create more fist products such as Xichai Aowei 11 liter and Aowei 13 liter power, they will be more courageous and make new achievements in the tide of revitalizing national industry

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