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On June, the third stop of the "2017 Red Bull aerobatics World Championship" was held in muzhang Haibin public park, Japan (Meibin District, Chiba City). This event uses a special competition aircraft with high speed and excellent mobility, Competitors need to fly independently through the gate shaped obstacles built by the tower bridge in a challenging obstacle field, and complete the competition in the shortest time. Yoshihide muroya, the only master class Asian player sponsored by falekn, won the crown again and won the second championship of the year. At that time, in the first three races of 2017 that have been completed, Yoshiyuki muroya won two consecutive championships and now ranks first in terms of points

June 3 is the preliminary competition. The top 14 players in the competition entered the finals on June 4, and Yoshiyuki muroya successfully entered the finals with the fourth ranking. On the day of the finals, starting from 13 p.m., 7 players will be selected from 14 players, whose innovation ability and basic ability construction will be improved. This round is called [round of 14]. Then, these seven players plus the one who lost the election with the shortest time will conduct [round of 8] pairwise PK. The final four contestants will have the final [final 4] session. In the end, Yoshiyuki muroya will stand out and defend the champion with a score of 55.288 seconds. The final results of the top three are as follows:

Yoshiyuki muroya: 55 seconds 288

Petr kopfstein: 55 seconds 846

Martin Sonka: 56 seconds 533

at the subsequent reception, "First of all, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to our team, family, sponsors and event organizers. I also want to thank the 90000 fans who came to the scene. I feel a great sense of support from everyone. Although there is some pressure, it is more encouragement and motivation. My success will never be without your support."

at the same time, for the next race, Yoshiyuki muroya also said, "three races have passed and five more are left in the 2017 Red Bull aerobatics world championship. I don't know what will happen in the future. I never thought that all races can be won, but the most important thing is to continue to work hard, don't forget the original intention, and meet each race in the best state."

on the court, the competition is extremely fierce, and off the court, there are also crowds and activities. As the official sponsor of the show, FeiJin tire also had a booth outside the venue, which was very lively. As we all know, the "fighter" painted in the FeiJin race from the second stop (San Diego, USA) fought side by side with SHIZUKI, and won two consecutive championships with him. This time, the FeiJin tire booth will display the equal scale aircraft model of Yoshiyuki muroya, but it will be implemented step by step, which has attracted many viewers to stop and take a souvenir

(fighter aircraft painted in FeiJin event)

(product display of FeiJin tire)

(a display board for the players of Yixiu muroya to leave a message and refuel on how to measure the shore hardness tester)

FeiJin tire (Falken) was born in the track. The brand blood has already been filled with passionate competitive spirit. FeiJin tire has formed an indissoluble bond with Yixiu muroya since 2015, FeiJin tire hopes that Mr. Takeshi muroya can fly faster and higher with the support of his dream. Let's also look forward to a better result in the next stop (Budapest, Hungary) room justice show

from track to road, from competition to life, Falken constantly applies the technology and experience accumulated through professional competitions to household tire products. It has unparalleled unique advantages in product quality, and its performance in handling stability, dry and wet performance, low energy consumption and so on is also very eye-catching. For Falken, the future is more attractive than the past glory, which is full of infinite possibilities. The passionate, young and sincere brand concept will bring infinite possibilities to Falken

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