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The PLC control network system of Majishan Port of Baosteel

I. project overview:

Majishan Port is a large-scale ore transit deep-water port invested and constructed by Shanghai Baosteel Group in Majishan, an island in Zhejiang Province. It is the first deep-water port built on an island in China. Majishan Port provides transportation services for imported iron ore not only for Baosteel, but also for steel enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It can open routes to Brazil, Peru, Canada, Venezuela, Australia and other countries and regions in North and South America and Oceania

Majishan, where this deep-water port is located, is located near Shengsi island in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. The design annual handling capacity of the phase I project is 12million tons, but it is actually estimated that it can reach 20million tons. The water depth of the wharf apron is 26 meters, which can dock 250000 tons and 300000 tons of super large ships, and connect smoothly with the international deep-water channel. The ore storage capacity of the port stockyard reaches 1.08 million tons

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the PLC control system of this network adopts the common layout of industrial Ethernet and fieldbus, and has the following uses:

l control the belt conveyor to carry out iron ore loading and unloading operations.

L monitor the axial strain of auxiliary polyurethane on the vehicle - the strain in the force direction or coaxial with the force direction is an indispensable process equipment for glass bonding, floor bonding, caulking and filling, sealing and waterproof, etc.

L communication with the mainframe.

L send the data about ore conveying process and equipment to the production and equipment management database

also provides technical support for the development of low halogen, low smoke and environmentally friendly flame retardant PP, Network topology:

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third, network equipment selection:

Hersman RS2, RS1 switch series, RT series photoelectric converter, Ozd genius product series.

fourth, network scheme description and characteristics:

this control system adopts the dual redundant ring structure composed of Hersman's industrial Ethernet super redundant ring and genius' fieldbus, and the network communication has redundancy characteristics. Genius fieldbus redundancy is through genius optical The electric transceiver is realized automatically

specifically, the network system has the following characteristics:

1) multiple redundancy and high reliability

2) openness and scalability

3) strict security guarantee

4) ease of operation

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