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High profit platform - professional publishing ushers in the spring

since the reform and opening up, China's publishing industry has experienced two climaxes of development: mass publishing and educational publishing. At present, it is rapidly entering the era of professional publishing. Professional publishing is the advanced stage of the development of publishing industry and the inevitable choice for the specialization and characteristic development of University Press

connotation and characteristics of professional publishing

professional publishing refers to the publishing activities that take professional and academic information as the publishing content, take specific professional practitioners as the readers, and distribute publications through professional marketing channels. The connotation of professional publishing in the new era includes publishing content specialization, publishing means specialization, marketing channel specialization, overall design specialization and so on

professional publishing has the characteristics of high platform, thick profit, high degree of market segmentation, long accumulation and high requirements

I. high platform. Professional publishing is mainly to give play to the professional level and influence of the publishing house. To a large extent, resources and brands are unique. For example, the large aircraft publishing project, a national publishing fund project of Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, relies on the unique professional resources and regional advantages of Shanghai Jiaotong University and China commercial aircraft Co., Ltd

second, the profit is thick. Professional publishing can be supported by the research, publishing funds and subsidies of the state and various research institutions. High priced professional publications have a relatively stable rigid purchase demand of readers, and can be grafted with digital publishing and copyright trade. Therefore, professional publishing has a relatively large and stable profit space

III. its nominal diameter dn/mm (taking 1x7 as an example) is 9.50 respectively, with a high degree of market segmentation. There may be only thousands of employees in a certain profession across the country. These professional publications are prepared for the niche market and have higher requirements for marketers

IV. long accumulation. If a publishing house wants to form a brand in a professional publishing field, it must make a long-term plan and carefully cultivate the professional field. Some of them even take decades or even hundreds of years. Of course, once a professional publishing brand is established, it is difficult for other publishers to shake its position

v. high requirements. Professional publishing puts forward higher requirements for the whole publishing process of publications. For example, they must be able to communicate and talk with the author on professional knowledge, and marketing personnel must also understand the content of books and be able to develop corresponding professional marketing channels

profit model of professional publishing

compared with mass publishing and educational publishing, professional publishing has a specific profit model, mainly including high pricing, funds and subsidies, digital publishing, copyright trade, etc

I. high pricing model in specific markets. Public publishing points to entertainment, educational publishing points to knowledge, while professional publishing points to professional information and professional services, which also determines that professional publishing not only provides books, but also provides valuable information and services to improve professional skills and solve professional problems. Due to the scarcity of content resources, high publishing quality and high added value of information, professional publications are usually priced higher, and some are even several times or dozens of times higher than general public readings, which is also an international practice

II. Fund and subsidy mode. With the continuous enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, the government pays more and more attention to the development and prosperity of science, technology and culture. The earlier the various funds set up to support the publication of high-level boutique books, the greater the investment in an extremely cold winter in 1930. This has become an important source of sales revenue for many university publishing houses. For example, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press received various funds and subsidies of nearly 23million yuan in 2010

third, grafting the mode of professional resource base of digital publishing. Professional publishing and digital publishing are cousins, and they are closest by blood. Digital publishing has the characteristics of large capacity and easy to search and update. It is a publishing mode that meets the requirements of professional publishing and the preferences of professionals. For example, the bilingual corpus and translation and teaching platform of scientific and technological documents built by Shanghai Jiaotong University Press will integrate a large number of English-Chinese scientific and technological document corpora that cannot be used in paper form into a database, which meets the needs of English-Chinese professional translation and teaching of scientific and technological documents, and has obtained the support fund of the digital publishing project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

IV. profit model of copyright trade. With the continuous enhancement of China's international influence, academic and professional level and cultural soft power, more and more books have been bought foreign language copyright by foreign publishers, and original professional books with international level have unique competitiveness in the copyright trade market

important measures for university publishing houses to develop professional publishing

to make professional publishing stronger and bigger, University publishing houses must plan in advance, straighten out their ideas, and take systematic development measures

first, we should combine professional publishing with brand building. Whether we can control big brands is an important difference between first-class publishing houses and general publishing houses. University press should closely rely on the professional strength and influence of the parent university to transform the discipline brand into a publishing brand, which is the natural advantage of University Press. For example, the ship and ocean engineering major of Shanghai Jiaotong University is the top discipline point in China. The publishing house, closely relying on this scientific research advantage, focuses on the development and Realization of the effects of different materials. The ship and ocean publishing engineering professional publishing plate has planned and published a series of high-quality professional books such as the ship engineering technical manual, which has won high praise from the professional community

second, combine professional publishing with the construction of professional marketing channels. Professional scale is first of all channel specialization. The marketing channel construction of professional books is quite different from that of popular books and educational books. It is necessary to determine the professional segment market and do a good job in this small target market, which is not only related to the profit level of professional publishing, but also related to the brand building of professional publishing

third, combine professional publishing with the construction of digital publishing database. The professional resource pool formed by the grafting of unique professional content resources and digital communication forms a publishing force, innovates the mode of professional publishing, extends the industrial chain of professional publishing, creates new development opportunities for professional publishing, and also provides rich content resources for digital publishing

fourth, combine professional publishing with talent team construction. To expand and strengthen professional publishing, we are required to arrange those with rich professional knowledge in advance for the brand publishing sector that is about to focus on development, encourage them to continue their professional study and further study, and cultivate a group of scholars who can grasp the latest trends in the frontier of the discipline

v. combine professional publishing with internationalization strategy. Professional publishing must seek international reputation in the global publishing and professional circles, because only professional publishing that is internationally renowned is a truly branded professional publishing

VI. combine professional publishing with educational publishing. Professional publishing includes educational publishing, and educational publishing also includes professional publishing. Most of them overlap and overlap, which is a symbiotic relationship, not a conflict relationship. At present, educational publishing still accounts for a large proportion in the product structure of university publishing houses in China. Due to the adverse factors such as the stable number of students, the recycling of teaching materials, government procurement, network impact and so on, the education sector will be in a relatively stable and stagnant stage in the development of university publishing houses in the coming period. Professional publishing is the future development direction, which requires us to continue to stabilize educational publishing, innovate and plan professional publishing, and make professional publishing and educational publishing integrate resources for common development

at present, the trend of collectivization, internationalization and digitization of China's publishing industry is deepening, and the speed is greatly increased. When the electronic universal experimental machine rises or falls, it doesn't matter, that is, when it rises or falls, it forms a huge challenge to the University Press. It can be said that in this context, whoever takes the lead in professional publishing will take the lead in the increasingly fierce publishing competition, thus laying the foundation of University Publishing for a century

cost, improve use efficiency, so as to raise the entry threshold of the publishing industry

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