Australia regretted the announcement of importing

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Australia actually regretted the announcement of importing 350 Dajiang UAVs from China

Australia actually regretted the announcement of importing 350 Dajiang UAVs from China

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original title: Australia actually regretted the announcement of importing 350 Dajiang UAVs from China

once, many people couldn't say why to ask China what is the most competitive product in the international aircraft market, This is understandable, because for a long time, the achievements of China's aviation industry have been very limited. The international market has been almost carved up by the world's established aviation powers, and the United States, France and Britain have occupied the vast majority of the aviation market share

it is conceivable that it is difficult for China to occupy a certain market share of exported aircraft. Later, China focused on the surrounding areas of aerospace. After continuous efforts, it has finally made great achievements. Chinese made drones continue to produce the remaining waste residue, which can also be fermented to produce bioethanol, which is exported abroad, and orders continue to flow. Recently, Australia announced the import of 350 Dajiang "phantom" UAVs, which has attracted wide attention at home and abroad. At present, Dajiang unmanned aerial vehicles account for 70% of the global unmanned aerial vehicles. In the past 2017, the sales of Dajiang unmanned aerial vehicles reached 18billion yuan, and experts from all over the world predict that they will be distributed in more than 100 countries

the United States, Denmark and Israel have even used Dajiang UAVs in the army. Now, Australia will also equip the troops with Dajiang "phantom" UAVs. Australia purchases Dajiang UAV mainly to ensure that the army smoothly enters the three-dimensional information age, so that every fighter can skillfully drive UAV and master more real-time battlefield dynamics. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning, the United States banned Chinese drones on the grounds of threatening safety and harming the interests of other drone manufacturers. Then, Australia followed suit and announced a ban on the use of Chinese Dajiang drones

it took 8 cents for a non degradable plastic bag in the early stage. The United States suddenly purchased 35 mavic Pro platinum UAVs from Dajiang company for special forces, and also claimed that their role was irreplaceable. Not long ago, Australia also decided to purchase 350 Dajiang "phantom" UAVs. The Australian Defense Minister said: "we have followed the United States. After the United States decided to stop using it, we also suspended it for a period of time. After conducting relevant inspections, we found no problems." In my opinion, it's really slapping in the face

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