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Hantai realizes the dry direct seeding of rice machinery

in April, any experimental machine and thickness gauge that can do tensile experiments and meet the corresponding requirements can be used as experimental instruments and equipment. On the 17th, with the rumble of agricultural machinery, the 60 mu dry direct seeding of rice machinery in Fanzhai village, Zongying Town, Hantai District was announced to be completed. This means that the light and simplified rice planting mode has achieved success in our city, marking a major innovation in rice planting technology in Hanzhong and even Southern Shaanxi

according to the introduction, the dry direct seeding of rice machinery is a cultivation technology mode in which the fertilization, rotary tillage and sowing are completed by one person in the dry land through the supporting connection of tractors, fertilizer applicators, rotary cultivators and DIBBLERS. In recent years, Hanwang Town, Zongying town and Wuxiang town in Hantai District, Xiangshui town in Nanzheng district and shangyuanguan town in Chenggu County have been planted successfully

Yin Dezhong, an agronomist at the seed management station in Hantai District, told that the dry direct seeding technology first selects varieties with strong lodging resistance and appropriate growth period, carries out disease prevention treatment before sowing, and then directly sows rice seeds in dry land through agricultural machinery, and then irrigates horse water in the later stage to meet the water demand of seed germination

compared with the traditional seedling raising and transplanting technology, this technology eliminates the cumbersome links such as seedling raising in the mother field, land leveling, field transplanting, simplifies the operation process, reduces the number of labor, reduces the labor intensity, effectively saves water resources, improves production efficiency, and achieves the goal of cost saving and efficiency increase. The average yield per mu can reach 1000 kg to 1300 kg, which can improve the comprehensive benefit of yuan

however, the mechanical dry direct seeding of rice has relatively high technical requirements. The direct seeding of rice after wheat has special requirements in terms of variety growth period, root growth, tillering characteristics, cold resistance during heading and filling period, etc. Therefore, it is also faced with the tight season of direct seeding of rice after wheat, large amount of straw, great difficulty in returning the field in two seasons, and decline in the quality of returning the field

it is reported that the dry direct seeding technology of rice machinery is a rice planting technology launched by the agricultural technicians of Hantai District seed tube 4. Service life: management station and Hanzhong Dezhong agricultural science and technology development company, through five years of research and production practice, constantly improve the rice planting technology, and jointly promote the development and innovation of light composite materials required for clean energy products. At present, the technologies involved in this technology, such as short growth period varieties, one sowing full seedling technology, herbicide use and so on, are basically mature. This technology can meet the production needs of local farmers and large grain growers. It will play a positive role in promoting the structural reform of the supply side of rice, helping the poor people get rid of poverty and increase their income, and solving the current problems of aging farmers and hollowing out rural areas. (Hanzhong)

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