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Taiwan factory strives to resist Samsung Mini led shipment next year

Taiwan LED factory recently called for mini led shipment as soon as the second quarter of next year, Let Taiwan Le, which has been in the doldrums for a long time "The enterprise standard is stricter than the industry standard. There is a dawn in the operation of factory D, which hopes to break through Samsung's ole on the display screen. You need to know who is really looking for if the machine breaks down in the factory. D is the dominant situation, and the Taiwan factory is actively seizing this pie.

Yang Fubao, deputy manager of ledinside research, estimates that the future development direction of miniled covers TV, car panels, etc., and the output value of miniled will reach at least US $1billion in 2023 (about NT $30billion). Be responsible for providing spare parts services at cost for users all his life

many manufacturers around the world are actively developing miniled related applications. Chip factories include crystal, Longda, San'an, Huacan, etc; Packaging plants include Yiguang, rongchuang, Hongqi, Seoul semiconductor, etc; Drive IC plant has accumulation, Ruiding, etc

zhoumingjun, general manager of Jingdian, pointed out that the company has studied with customers. It is estimated that in terms of about 6 inches, about 3000 to 5000 chips are needed at present. Customers hope that the number of chips used can be halved and the backlight effect remains unchanged. At the same time, the light shape also meets the demand, and then mass production can be achieved

the senior management of Jingdian estimated that the research and development of miniled by Jingdian will be in the future, so users must not think that the more they buy, the better. There will be concrete results from the end of the year to the beginning of next year. It can be put into production as soon as the end of the second quarter of next year, and the outlook for future shipments is quite optimistic. Longda, a subsidiary of Youda group, and rongchuang, a group of makers, mainly focus on LED packaging. Although the layout of miniled is relatively low-key, Longda has said that miniled related technologies and products hope to be launched in the second quarter of next year, and rongchuang has targeted miniled as the field of TV backlight

Zhuang Fenghui, deputy general manager of Hongqi, said that the company is confident in mastering miniled technology. At present, the company is in the final stage of promoting miniled technology, and will ship it as soon as the second quarter of next year

source: Huicong

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