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The North Jiangsu division of the top player of the excavation war is hotly contested, and Pengcheng is hotly contested.

the North Jiangsu division of the top player of the excavation war is hotly contested, and Pengcheng is hotly contested.

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Guide: on July 21 and 24, 2012, it was jointly sponsored by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd., and the equipment can also be used to stretch metal materials by adding relevant information Zigzag and other experiments. The second national excavator operator green fuel saving challenge (Northern Jiangsu competition area) of the Volvo cup, which was hosted by Jiangsu Beili Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., was launched in Xuzhou in a hot battle

from July 21 to 24, 2012, the second national excavator operators' green fuel saving challenge of the Volvo cup, jointly sponsored by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd. and hosted by Jiangsu Beili Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (through the use of this technology in the northern competition area), was launched in Xuzhou. Nearly 200 players from 8 cities in Northern Jiangsu gathered in Pengcheng again to compete

the competition period coincides with the local characteristic catering festival of Xuzhou - Fu Yang Festival. The organizer of the competition specially added mutton, lobster and other meals with Northern Jiangsu characteristics to everyone's diet menu, so that the contestants can also experience the characteristic Cuisine of Xuzhou while participating in the competition. Everyone is very satisfied with the reception arrangement of Jiangsu Beili

this competition is divided into three events: layup with the ball, balance weightlifting, and water polo. On the premise of not breaking the rules, the contestants will win with the one with the shortest completion time. In the four-day competition, the top 12 contestants were selected from nearly 200 contestants, and they will receive a prize worth about 5000 yuan. At the same time, the competition also selected a group of "green fuel saving team" Awards among the contestants every day to encourage them to develop good operating habits in their future work, so that everyone can improve their work efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and work together to build a green earth. The members of the fuel saving team received a Jiuyang electric pressure cooker worth 500 yuan provided by Jiangsu Beili after the competition that day

the night before each competition, the product lecturer of Jiangsu Beili specially organized the contestants to train them on the theory and practical skills of oil-saving operation of excavators. During the wonderful explanation of the teacher and the happy interactive Q & A with the contestants, the contestants from all over the country not only mastered Volvo's advanced fuel-saving driving technology, but also understood Volvo's green fuel-saving concept, making Volvo's core concept of "quality, safety and environmental protection" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After successfully completing the training, the participants were also awarded the "Volvo excavator operator green fuel-efficient driving skill intermediate certificate" with the signature of Luo Dong, President of Volvo Construction Equipment China

it is worth mentioning that this competition has also attracted many excavator owners, some of whom are cheering for their own excavator drivers on the spot, and some are contestants themselves. For many excavator owners, after the daily training courses, Jiangsu Beili took the opportunity to launch a series of sales preferential policies, and successfully achieved the sales of large and small excavators

twelve contestants with excellent results were successfully selected to participate in the next race in this competition. Many contestants who did not win the ranking came to us after the competition and said that they were very grateful to vovlo and Jiangsu Beili for providing such competition opportunities, so that they could learn the professional fuel-saving training of excavator operators and compete with everyone. Although they failed to win the prize, they were also quite satisfied, And this has made a significant contribution to the progress of China's plastic molding equipment manufacturing industry. It shows that next year's talent competition will continue to participate

let's look forward to the top 12 players in the Subei division to create better results in the next qualifying match! (Volvo)

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