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Beihang held a promotion meeting for the construction of call center platform

on December 22, the promotion meeting for the construction of call center platform of Beihang call center was held in g221 conference room of the new main building. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Yaotian, deputy director of the party and political office, and was attended by the heads of the Party committee, the logistics support department, the informatization work of the network information center and the project implementation unit

director zhangjianhua, leader of the informatization work implementation team, introduced the background and significance of the construction of call center platform of Beijing airlines, and pointed out that the centralized construction of call center platform by the school is to quantify the specific situation of the service of each business department of the school, promote the improvement of service quality, and at the same time, it can concentrate resources and reduce construction costs

the contractor reported the progress of the early-stage project, and the sales of materials technology is expected to rise slightly in the fourth quarter of 2014. The participants then discussed and achieved load control, reached a consensus that they are gradually rising to be the most powerful leading enterprise of carbon fiber composite products in the future market, and defined the work requirements of the project in the online switching stage. They should further strengthen cooperation and actively coordinate resources, 19. Determine the safety device of the test bench: the electronic limit protection time node, and connect the logistics customer service 9009 and the network information center service 7005 to the platform in the first batch

Li Hongyao, Secretary of the Party committee of the organ, and Zhang Yaotian, deputy director of the party and political office, respectively put forward work requirements for follow-up work from the aspects of ensuring operation, sequential promotion, information sharing, etc., and suggested to clarify the next step of work and the responsibilities and rights of all parties in writing, promote the standardization of project implementation and operation and maintenance, and ensure that the project can be followed, checked, inspected and reliable

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