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Northern Futures: the Japanese rubber price opened higher and went lower. The Shanghai rubber test supported the continued depreciation of the yen, so the TOCOM rubber opened higher. Although the short covering limited the decline of the rubber price, it lacked sufficient upward momentum. The futures price fluctuated and fell after a short rise. In the late afternoon, the freight of each route of Capesize ships rose or fell by less than 1 liter, and the overall low-level consolidation trend was maintained; The benchmark February contract ended at 243.90 yen/kg, down 2.1 yen. Affected by Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber fell after opening higher, breaking the 2000 mark at one time in the session, and rebounded at the end of the session. Ru0801 finally closed at 20070 yuan/ton. From the perspective of positions, bulls reduced their positions slightly, while bears continued to increase their positions

on the spot side, these facilities have also passed the ISO 13485 medical device quality management certification. The spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand rose slightly today, and traders said that the demand of Chinese consumers was stable; In Heai central rubber market, uus3 rubber was reported at 66.83 baht per kilogram, and 66.35 baht per kilogram yesterday. The domestic Nongken No. 5 standard glue is listed today for 1455 tons, with an average price of 1942. According to the strategic strategy of the company's headquarters and the Asia Pacific region, it is 5 yuan/ton. At present, the transaction is 60 tons, and the average transaction price is 19000 yuan/ton

there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the domestic and foreign markets. The recovery of the international market is thick, and the adjustment requirements are obvious under the guidance of technical factors. The market shock cycle is prolonged, waiting for clearer guidance

Japanese glue finished at a low level today. After the rebound, the technical downward trend is obvious. Considering that there is some support below, it is expected to maintain a range shock trend in the short term; The bottom shape of Shanghai Jiao gradually formed. After the failure of the upside area, the futures price continued to consolidate sideways, approaching the 20000 first-line support. Operationally, we pay attention to the performance of the futures price at the 20000 first-line, and if it breaks down, empty orders will intervene

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