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Northern coating Institute successfully developed optical fiber coating

Northern coating industry research and Design Institute recently developed a fast curing polyimide coating for high temperature resistant optical fibers. Researchers have continuously improved the international influence of polyimide in China's plastic machinery industry by introducing fluorine-containing chain segments and active acrylic acid chain segments into the structure, so that the fluorine modified photosensitive polyimide has excellent solubility, low optical loss, dielectric constant, hygroscopicity and other properties. The fluorine modified photosensitive polyimide has high light sensitivity, minimal film loss rate after film formation, and is within ± 0.5% of the set value after exposure; The crosslinking of the main chain further improves the chemical stability of the polymer. The coating has excellent thermal stability, good mechanical, electrical, chemical and photosensitive properties and extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion unique to polyimide because it maintains a relatively complete homobenzene polyimide structure. According to the coating technology and abstracts, the pre imidization process is also used in this study, which eliminates the dehydration and condensation process in the curing process of polyimide, and the reactive high-efficiency photoinitiator is introduced into the coating to realize the rapid curing of polyimide

at present, the global optical fiber coating is basically monopolized by DSM of the Netherlands. As a major global optical fiber production and consumption country, China has huge market demand. At present, there are few domestic optical fiber coating manufacturers in China, of which only Shanghai FeiKai company has formed a scale, The success of the development of optical fiber coating of North paint Institute will further enhance our hope to have a deeper and faster cooperation with DSM. This production has reduced the overall weight of the package by 25% and made the progress of localization

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