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Northern Futures: LLDPE opened high and went low, with high possibility of short-term rise

LLDPE fell rapidly after opening high today, with intraday fluctuations and declines, and stabilized in the late trading. The contract position is transferring from L801 to l805. Contract l805 opened at 14300 yuan, with a maximum of 14320 yuan, a minimum of 14110 yuan, and a closing of 14150 yuan. The settlement price fell by 80 yuan/hand compared with the previous day, with 5090 transactions, 3742 positions, 8894 total trading volume and 9472 total positions

internationally, NYMEX crude oil rose $0.6 to $89.31/barrel, after the market traded disorderly under the influence of speculation about OPEC's production increase. In terms of domestic spot goods, the quotation in North China market is stable and the transaction is general. The quotation in Qilu Chemical City is stable. 7042 is 13850 yuan/ton, Zhongyuan Petrochemical 705 releases less goods, and the market quotation is not much. 9088 excluding tax is 12950 yuan/ton, 0218d in Tianjin market is 13800 yuan/ton, 21 maybe Jinchengli is such a person, 8W is 14000 yuan/ton. The quotation in East China market continues to rise, and the transaction is general. The quotation in Nanjing market is basically stable. Yangzi linear 7042 has not released goods. China's new chemical materials industry will enter a period of rapid development, 1802 at 13900 yuan/ton. The quotation in the South China market rose slightly, and the transaction was average. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 was 13500 yuan/ton, Maoming 7042 was 13450 yuan/ton, 2001 was 13600 yuan/ton, and Saudi 218w was 13800 yuan/ton

It has also begun to be widely used in the fields of oil printing, household appliances, building materials, transportation, new energy, safety protection, etc.

the types of impact testing machines used to be more and more. Supported by the slight rise of crude oil futures, LLDPE opened higher today, but the high closing of bulls and the entry pressure of some short sellers made the futures price fall rapidly, and the intraday continued to decline, and the end of the day tended to be stable. The sharp rise in the spot market compared with yesterday's performance is stable today, but all regions are still slightly higher. Petrochemical production reduction, traders are optimistic about the future market and some manufacturers raise factory prices have supported the market. It is expected that LLDPE is more likely to rise in short-term shocks

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