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Northern Futures: Shanghai Rubber fell after hitting a new high, and the rise was difficult to change

New York crude oil fell slightly, but the yen continued to depreciate, and TOCOM rubber continued to fluctuate high after opening slightly higher. Compared with rijiao, Shanghai Jiaotong fell after the opening and encountered support. Driven by the long position increase, it rose sharply again, and fell after reaching a new high. Ru0809 contract was closed at 27020 yuan/ton. From the perspective of positions, 17728 hands were increased to 126876 hands today, and the transaction was moderately enlarged

on the spot side, 862 tons of domestic Nongken SCR5 standard glue were listed, with an average price of 26796 yuan/ton, and there was no transaction for the time being. The amount of rubber cutting in Thailand is gradually increasing, but the continuous rainy weather has not completely returned to normal; Therefore, raw materials and FOB quotations have repeatedly reached new highs

the fund crawls (jumps) in the sliding of wedge-shaped blocks along the dovetail slope on the Japanese rubber without much change. It focuses on the development of Zhaotong and Huade heavy industry deep processing projects, and still needs more guidance for large samples. The rubber market capital promotion is very obvious. Whether the spot supply situation improves will still determine the future trend of rubber prices. Although the market trends such as crude oil around may have some impact on the rubber price, on the whole, the rubber market will remain strong until July, when this value is the impact absorption power and the largest month of global supply

technically, the Japanese glue has been supported by the short-term average and continues to be strong; Shanghai Jiaotong fell back after hitting a new high, with a callback risk, but the rise is difficult to change. In terms of operation, multiple orders in the medium and long term continue to be held, and the stop loss can be set at the 25800 line

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