The hottest northern futures LLDPE closed sharply

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Northern Futures: LLDPE closed sharply higher, boosted by the entry of new bulls

LLDPE continued to rise after the opening today, and the late market tended to be stable, with faster deformation and unchanged stress, and ended up sharply higher. Contract l805 opened at 14250 yuan, with a maximum of 14625 yuan, a minimum of 14250 yuan, and a closing of 14590 yuan. The settlement price increased by 370 yuan/hand over the previous day, with 27026 transactions, 11922 positions, 27074 total trading volume, and 12126 total positions

internationally, NYMEX crude oil fell $1.24 to $99.64/barrel, weighed down by concerns that the U.S. oil supply was sufficient and demand fell. In terms of domestic spot goods, China's cold and hot shock testing machines meet the development of various industries in terms of quantity and quality. The north market holds goods to be increased, and the quotation is higher. Qilu Chemical City 7042 includes tax of 13500 yuan/ton. There are few shipments in East China market, and the results are acceptable. There are many linear shipments in Nanjing PE market, and the mainstream price is 13700 yuan/ton. The market price in South China, which cannot be achieved by the vertical experiment, rose slightly, and the transaction was general. In Guangzhou, Guangzhou 7042 was 13500 yuan/ton, Maoming 7042 was 13500 yuan/ton, 2001 was 13500 yuan/ton, and Saudi 218w was 14100 yuan/ton

the rise and fall of crude oil futures did not affect the rise of LLDPE market. After the opening today, with the entry of new bulls, the futures price rose all the way. The long and short sides competed fiercely, and the transaction was active, creating the largest increase since 2008. Generally, the quotation in the spot market has been raised. There are many linear rumors about the rise of petrochemicals today, and Sinopec Beijing has stopped releasing goods linearly today. Traders are in a wait-and-see situation, and many traders are unable to close their offers. It is expected that LLDPE will still have upward space in the near future due to the positive factors of all parties, and it is recommended to continue to hold multiple orders

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