The hottest northern heavy industry acquires Frenc

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On June 9, Geng Hongchen, chairman of North China heavy industry group, actively implemented the government's policy of suppressing large and small enterprises, and signed a framework agreement on mergers and acquisitions with representatives of French NFM, a subsidiary of Germany's wilt group holding company. It is reported that NORINCO will hold 70% of the shares of French NFM company in this acquisition

the core product of the North heavy industry group, which is restructured and constructed by Shenyang Heavy Industry Group and Shenyang Mining Group, is the shield machine. On June 9, in its general assembly workshop, we saw that a giant with a diameter of 11 meters and a length of more than 90 meters, Shenzhong No. 5 shield machine, was ready to go. It is reported that this shield machine, which is worth hundreds of millions of yuan and must be cleaned regularly by users, is produced for Guangzhou Shenzhen railway passenger dedicated line. It will be shipped on the 20th of this month and is scheduled to be tested in Guangzhou on September 5

according to Geng Hongchen, foreign fixture director of North heavy industry group, at present, the production of shield machine of North heavy industry group has stood at the height of the world. It has sent more than 100 technical personnel to foreign countries for training, and has also set up a shield machine academician workstation, which has quickly mastered the research and development technology of shield machine, and produced the shield machine with the largest diameter of 16 meters in the world at present

up to now, NORINCO has produced six shield machines of three types suitable for rock stratum, soft soil stratum and composite stratum. Due to the above unique nanostructure and excellent performance, the total orders for the production of shield machines reached 19, and the contract amount exceeded 1.8 billion yuan. "This means that NORINCO has become a world-class shield machine manufacturing enterprise with considerable strength, and shield machine products have begun to enter the market in batches." Geng Hongchen said that the greatest significance of this performance lies not only in the fact that the shield machine produced by Chinese enterprises has finally been used in China's underground tunneling projects, but also in breaking the foreign monopoly and comprehensively curbing the high price of imported products

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