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Northern Futures: the rubber market waited for the opening guidance, and the weakness continued

after the panic, although the surrounding markets stopped the decline, the sentiment was slack, and the crude oil market was also finishing at a high level. The rubber market, which has lost the drive of the external market, is vulnerable to shocks in the absence of themes

due to the fact that the domestic and foreign countries are still in the cut-off period, the domestic market continues to focus on digesting inventory. At present, the strong spot price limits the falling space of the futures price. At the same time, the futures contract is also in direct proportion to the variable structure of elasticity. The price difference structure is unreasonable, and the futures inventory has also decreased significantly for two consecutive weeks, which brings some support to the future market

the sales volume of the fund continued throughout 2016. We have achieved the industry leader of keeping long positions on Japanese rubber. 9. When using it, we must follow the procedures specified in the instructions, but the proportion of positions is much lower than before. There are also some spot buying around 280 yen. Whether the futures price can stand firm will determine whether the rebound can continue, otherwise it will still explore the bottom

there is no obvious sign of amplification in the transactions and positions of Shanghai Jiao, and the downward trend has not changed, but the transactions and positions continue to shrink, the futures price decline is weak, and the rebound energy is insufficient The 22000 front line is expected to become a long and short watershed before the opening cut provides the middle line guidance for the market. If it stands firm, it can still be much shorter

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