The hottest northern futures continued to rebound,

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Northern Futures: Japanese rubber continued to rebound, Shanghai Rubber opened higher and fell

during the domestic holiday, Japanese rubber continued to be strong. The negative growth of U.S. non-agricultural data for three consecutive months led to the rise of international commodities. TOCOM futures were affected and opened higher, continuing the rebound trend. Compared with rijiao, Shanghai Jiao opened higher and then fell. Ru0, except for the possibility of resumption of production of methyl lithium ore under Rongjie, ended 807 at 22235 yuan/ton, with relatively light trading

the fundamentals are still flat. Last week, the futures inventory decreased by 2205 tons again, and the inventory pressure gradually eased. The weather in the international production area is good, and the output may increase at the end of this month, which may bring some pressure to the spot market

the rebound range of Japanese rubber after standing at 290 yen depends on the strength of fund position increase. The Shanghai rubber market as a whole is still weakening and lacks the initiative momentum. In the short term, the operation strategy of high selling and low absorption can be adopted, and the expert advisory committee can be organized to prepare and release the directory guide of key products, key enterprises and key convergence areas

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