The spot price of the hottest plastics returns to

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The spot price of plastics returned to the upward trend, and the supply was tight. It was expected to continue.

before the National Day holiday, petrochemical enterprises transferred out the factory price, and the spot price of plastics returned to the upward trend. After the festival, under the pressure of profit taking, the plastic futures price fell sharply from the high level and faced adjustment in the short term. However, in the case of continuous tight domestic supply, there is still a bargain hunting opportunity in Liansu market in the future

supply shortage of LLDPE in China

the production capacity of PE in China has not been put into operation smoothly in the past two years. The 800000 ton Fushun Petrochemical new unit put into operation at the end of 2012 has been in a shutdown state since the middle of May this year, and the time to resume operation has been delayed again and again. Up to now, there is still no start-up news. If the start-up cannot be carried out as scheduled this month, the possibility of unit restart will be greatly reduced as the weather turns cold next month. In addition, the 550000 ton unit of Daqing Petrochemical had an explosion accident shortly after it was started up at the end of last year. This year, the 250000 ton full density unit has been in shutdown. In addition to the two sets of WDS ⑶ waterproof coiled material testing machines put into operation last year, the Wuhan Petrochemical and Sichuan Petrochemical units planned to be put into operation this year have also experienced many hardships. Up to now, the 300000 ton LLDPE unit of Wuhan Petrochemical has barely produced qualified materials, and there is still great uncertainty about whether it can maintain stability in the future. Sichuan Petrochemical's 600000 ton new unit may be difficult to put into operation this year. Technical barriers and lack of raw materials will delay the production plan

in addition, since the middle of this month, some units of Maoming Petrochemical in South China will undergo short-term shutdown maintenance, while the 800000 ton old unit of Fujian United will undergo 50 day maintenance from the 17th of this month, which further exacerbates the tense situation of spot supply in South China

lldpe imports continued to decline year-on-year

in the case of a relative shortage of domestic production, LLDPE imports continued to decline year-on-year, which further exacerbated the overall supply tension. According to the statistics of the Chinese customs, in January this year, China's LLDPE imported 1.462 million tons of optoelectronic encoders as digital speed feedback meters, down 0.5%, 7.3% and 7.9% respectively from 1.47 million tons, 1.579 million tons and 1.587 million tons in 2012, 2011 and 2010. Since the beginning of this year, the price of LLDPE in China has been generally lower than that in the surrounding international markets. China has become a global price depression. Part of the supply flows into other countries and removes the residues in the oil tank, which has contributed to the decline of domestic LLDPE imports

the significant restriction on the import of recycled materials has further reduced the overall supply of domestic LLDPE. At the beginning of February this year, the Chinese customs launched a 10 month hedge action to effectively predict the generation and development of composite laminate damage under low-speed impact, such as ANSYS, LS DYNA), which greatly impacted the domestic PE import recycling market of nearly 300000 tons per year. Although compared with the PE consumption of nearly 20million tons per year, the amount of imported recycled materials is not worth mentioning, However, in the case of an original shortage of supply, the impact of the reduction of this part of supply on prices will be significantly amplified

under the background of continuous tight supply, the operation strategy of bargain hunting should be adopted in the later stage. The entry range of multiple orders should be appropriately raised to yuan/ton, the stop loss range is yuan/ton, and the target range is yuan/ton

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