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Degong's 2015 Spring Festival speech: provide users with the most satisfactory products

Degong's 2015 Spring Festival speech: provide users with the most satisfactory products

China Construction Machinery Information

on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Degong machinery extends its lofty greetings to leaders at all levels who care about and support the development of the company! We would like to express our deep appreciation to all agents, suppliers and all users who seek common development with Degong! Extend holiday greetings and sincere wishes to all employees and their families who have worked hard for many years

looking back on 2014, the company actively responded to market changes, continued to innovate management, and continued to improve the quality of enterprise operations. Attach importance to product research and development, and successively launched "n" series low-speed energy-saving loaders, fork loaders, natural gas loaders and other green environmental protection products. Pay close attention to quality improvement, with pipe fittings, electrical, gearbox, cab and other components as mm; Focus, strengthen internal and external control, and reduce the loader failure rate to single digits for the first time. Reorganize the market network, grasp the market pulse by 2022, optimize the market layout, integrate the sales team and improve the sales quality. Increase investment in technological transformation, purchase welding robots, improve the assembly line, establish a standardized production layout divided into multiple lotion, and improve production efficiency

looking forward to 2015, the company will take "quality improvement" as the center, practice internal skills, pay attention to management, reform and innovation, promote departmental performance management, deepen the concept of cooperative development with agents and suppliers, strengthen product R & D and quality improvement, keep improving products, self surpass and improve products, continue to reduce quality indicators such as reliable operation, stable and low product failure rate, and provide users with the most satisfactory products

a new starting point, a new journey. In the new year, Degong will, as always, work together with friends from all walks of life, hand in hand, seek common development and create more brilliance

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