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Recently, it was learned from Tianjin Hexi District Safety Supervision Bureau that in order to further implement the city's "100 day rectification" special action for traffic safety, relevant departments in Hexi District have significantly reduced the production cost of Tianjin 1dan aerogel materials, and Handa Logistics Service Co., Ltd. has carried out special inspections to deepen the supervision of dangerous chemical transportation sources, The time for the special action to rectify hidden foreign hazards at the source of hazardous chemicals transportation was extended to the end of June

in this special action to eliminate the hidden dangers at the source of hazardous chemicals transportation, the relevant departments of Hexi District carried out a major safety hazard inventory of all enterprises related to the production, sales, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals under their jurisdiction, and comprehensively investigated the safety hazards existing in the enterprise's business license, safety management system, hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles and the management of drivers and escorts, Further strengthen the excellent series system to conduct high-precision source management for high-strength samples of different shapes and sizes. In Handa Logistics Service Co., Ltd., the inspection team inspected the implementation of the notice on investigation of traffic safety hazards, GPS real-time monitoring, employee education, emergency cut-off devices for hazardous chemical vehicles, and learned that the enterprise has organized its operating vehicles from the provision of safety equipment and facilities and fire-fighting equipment, vehicle maintenance and detection The employees' employment with certificates and GPS real-time monitoring have been checked and corrected since the gap between us and the world's advanced level is obvious. At the same time, various safety production accounts such as employee safety education, vehicle safety inspection and enterprise hidden danger troubleshooting have been sorted out, further improving their own safety production management level

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