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Special rectification of the largest furniture market in Sichuan launched this month

special rectification of the largest furniture market in Sichuan launched this month


[China paint information] it was learned from the Sichuan furniture industry chamber of commerce that in view of a series of outstanding problems in the current furniture market, the provincial rectification and planning office, the Provincial Department of public security, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce and the chamber of Commerce recently issued an official document, From this month, our province will launch a six-month special rectification of the furniture market, standardize the order of the furniture market in the province, and severely crack down on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy furniture. It is reported that ABS can also be divided into two types: the inner plate and the outer plate are the largest primary buffer devices in our province, which can avoid the rapid fall of the pendulum and have special market regulation

it is reported that the products to be renovated this time include wood furniture products and metal furniture products, with the focus on wooden cabinet products, dining table and chair products, etc. In the renovation area, highlight the urban-rural fringe, large furniture trade market and areas where furniture production enterprises are concentrated. In terms of remediation objects, we should highlight the production of wooden furniture, wood-based panels and other related products. At present, the number of production enterprises is gradually increasing. Most of them are emerging micro enterprises and enterprises with quality violation records and weak quality management. On the key issues of renovation, we should highlight the inspection of formaldehyde emission, signs and labels, wood-based panel edge banding and wood moisture content

in an interview, the relevant person in charge of Sichuan furniture industry chamber of Commerce said that in order to cooperate with the rectification work, they will also establish the "integrity Supervision Committee of Sichuan furniture industry chamber of Commerce", strengthen the industry self-discipline, and establish a "blacklist" system. All enterprises and individuals that have a bad impact on the Sichuan furniture industry due to lawlessness and dishonesty will be included in the "blacklist" and announced to the society at the exhibition

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