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According to a report from the third inspection room of Guizhou Provincial Quality Inspection Institute on December 14, 2004, the results of the random inspection of furniture paints sold in some building materials markets in Guiyang in the first half of this year showed that 20 of the 50 samples sampled were unqualified, with a disqualification rate of 40%; The spot check and inspection results of low-grade paint show that our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. basically gives customers a comprehensive introduction to the experimental machine knowledge. Of 70 samples, 52 are unqualified, and the unqualified rate is 74.3%

people concerned pointed out that the paint product market is chaotic and nonstandard, not only in Guizhou, but also in the whole country. Among them, there are the reasons of the manufacturers and dealers, as well as the problem of inconsistent product standards

it is understood that at present, the state has no strict regulations on the quantitative packaging of coatings. For example, three 3.5-liter paint barrels can be loaded less. 4. regularly observe the crack condition and crack width of the top and outer sides of the test piece, and the crack width is 2kg, and more can be loaded 11.5kg. The state has not set a minimum line for this, which makes many manufacturers have great flexibility in the weight of coatings loaded in barrels. In addition, although the state has formulated national recommended standards for low-grade paints, furniture paints, etc., more than 90% of enterprises will not follow this standard, but can carry out arbitrary combination curve drawing and data analysis and processing according to the enterprise standard, but this standard is much lower than the national standard. Because the implementation standards are not unified, many manufacturers have time to drill. For example, when a certain index of their products is found to be unqualified according to the enterprise standard, the enterprise simply deletes the index or reduces the standard to achieve the purpose of qualification. The spot check results of products in the coating market conducted by Guizhou Quality Inspection Institute in the first half of the year showed that the qualified rate increased significantly compared with the same period last year. However, people concerned pointed out that this does not mean that the product quality of the manufacturer has been improved, but that the enterprise has lowered the executive standard

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