The special paint for building facade re painting

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The Academy of construction sciences has developed a special paint for building facade repainting

the Academy of construction sciences has developed a special paint for building facade repainting

November 3, 2006

in order to implement the notice of the Beijing Municipal Government on cleaning and repainting building facades in major streets and key areas, the Beijing Academy of building materials has recently developed a special paint suitable for building facade repainting, which is favored by the market

it is reported that in order to welcome the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing will clean and whitewash the facades of surrounding street buildings (structures) such as main streets, transportation hubs, Olympic venues, athletes' sites, Olympic routes, tourist hotels and key tourist attractions. Beijing Academy of building materials science has made a thorough organizational plan, carried out in-depth market research, gave full play to its scientific research advantages, and quickly carried out the research and development of building materials products for building exterior decoration to determine the production surface by sales. In a short period of time, we have successfully developed a special coating suitable for the re painting of building facades, forming an annual scale of 10000 tons. This. The three water-based coatings, mainly composed of acrylates, have strong adhesion and penetration, and solve the painting problems of old building external walls that can not be hung and painted unevenly. The products have good environmental benefits, and the aging resistance is higher than the national standard. The color meets the requirements of the recommended main color chromatogram for building facades decorated with Beijing cleaning powder peak value maintenance and other functions determined by the expert group of Beijing environmental construction headquarters office in 2008

at present, through the bidding of more than 20 Chinese and foreign enterprises, the Jinding brand special paint developed by Beijing Institute of building materials, which is suitable for the re painting of building facades, has become the first bid winning enterprise in the paint industry with high cost performance. The special coating was used for the redecorating of the building facades of more than 50000 square meters of residential buildings of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Construction Committee of Xicheng District. The official microblog of Beijing Metro and Beijing Hong Kong Metro will broadcast the congestion of large passenger flow stations directly, and won unanimous praise

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