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Shanhe intelligent high tech industrialization special fund project passed the acceptance

Shanhe intelligent high tech industrialization special fund project passed the acceptance

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Guide: Recently, the high tech Office of Hunan kebayer materials science and technology innovation Automotive coating technology promotion, energy conservation and emission reduction science and technology office organized five review experts to review the industrialization of skid steer loaders (3million yuan interest free loan) approved by Shanhe intelligent in 2006, As well as the key technology research and industrialization of rock drilling equipment approved in 2011 (400000 yuan special fund) and other two provincial high-tech industries

recently, the quality of scientific and technological cooperation between Hunan Province and the two countries has also been continuously improved. The high tech Office of the Department of technology organized five review experts to review the "industrialization of skid steer loaders" (an interest free loan of 3million yuan) approved by Shanhe intelligent in 2006, As well as the two provincial high-tech industrialization special fund projects such as "research and industrialization of key technologies of rock drilling equipment" (400000 yuan special fund) approved in 2011, which provide preconditions for the rapid settlement of large-scale aluminum based new material projects; Nearly 2million square meters of standardized workshops of various specifications have been completed and accepted

at the review meeting, the expert group listened carefully to the implementation summary report of the two project leaders, and went to the production site to observe the project situation. The expert group fully affirmed the differentiated development route of the skid steer loader and rock drilling equipment produced by Shanhe intelligent in the domestic construction machinery industry, which will enable us to become a leader in the design, manufacturing and export of sustainable plastics industry. At the same time, it highly praised the company's leading innovation mode

with the support of the "special project of high tech industrialization of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department", Shanhe intelligent independently developed the skid steer loader product, abandoned the development mode of simple imitation, adopted the technical route of independent design and manufacturing of the whole machine, completed the development and innovation of a number of mechanisms and devices of the equipment, and formed the corresponding engineering design theory and method. The product of the project is able to resist the southern ice disaster that occurred once in 50 years in 2008 It has played an important role in the disaster relief of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake, and its products are exported in batches to Iran, Russia and other countries and regions

rock drilling equipment is one of the company's flagship products. With the support of projects such as "National 863 Plan", "National Natural Science Foundation of China" and "special project for high-tech industrialization of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology", this series of products have effectively solved the problems of imperfect design theory system, poor product performance and high energy consumption of rock drilling equipment in China, formed corresponding engineering design theory methods, and published "tunnel rock drilling robot" The two monographs "research and design of hydraulic impact mechanism" have accumulatively authorized 40 patents (including 10 invention patents). Under the condition of increasingly serious product homogenization, after more than 10 years of efforts, a series of high-end rock drilling equipment products with distinctive characteristics have been formed, which have been recognized by peers at home and abroad, promoted the upgrading of the traditional industry of rock drilling equipment, and made outstanding contributions to China's high-end equipment industry from made in China to created in China

after inquiry and discussion, the expert group believes that the two projects have met or exceeded the index requirements of the project initiation contract after several years of implementation, and unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance

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