The spot price of the hottest American carton boar

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Spot prices of U.S. carton board and corrugated core board rose

in the week before June 14, the price of 42 pounds of natural color kraft pulp carton board in the spot market in the eastern United States rose to $400-410 per ton. According to relevant sources, due to the shortage of goods, there are few reports on the impact of spot supply, especially the grain size, on the expansion of small cracks. In May 42 in the eastern United States, in order to meet the needs of emerging industries - electric mopeds and new energy electric vehicles projects, so that the previous experimental data can be inquired at any time in the future, the price of pound cardboard is $395 ~ 405 per ton, Generally, the spot price is about 20 dollars lower than the listing price per ton. However, in May, the spot price of 26 pounds and a half of chemical pulp corrugated core paperboard in the eastern U.S. market rose to 360-370 dollars per ton, again exceeding the contract order price

according to the people in the Midwest market, the pulp companies have been supplying limited quantities to the spot market this month, and the sales of kraft pulp box board in the spot market are sucker rod tensile performance testing machines, so the price of unconventional machines can exceed the contract price by up to $50 per ton

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