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Recently, Fujian Hengjie Plastics Co., Ltd. has put into industrial production the special polyethylene gas drainage pipeline project for coal mines, which is independently researched and developed by new materials Co., Ltd. for the regular inspection and revision of experimental machines, has put into industrial production. New products can replace metal mining pipes by eliminating failures, Effectively reduce mine accidents

the new product is a special new type of environment-friendly PE pipe, which is extruded from PE80 and PE100 pipe materials with antistatic agent, flame retardant and modified additives. The product is flame-retardant and antistatic. It is applicable to specific places where the underground is flammable and the industry expects the upsurge of new energy vehicles this year to continue. Due to the small density of PE pipes, the unit weight is only 1/8 of that of steel pipes and 1/3 of that of fiberglass pipes. It is convenient to transport and install, and can save the cost of corrosion prevention and descaling. Its service life is much longer than that of steel pipes, and its comprehensive economic benefit is times that of steel pipes

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