Wooden lovers give you a wooden frame

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Many people with nostalgic plots don't like hardware very much. They think it's as cold and impersonal as a building. Maybe you will like this wooden frame. Designers from Kalo studio designed this multi tier finishing wooden frame for people who don't like seeing too many fixed hardware on wooden furniture. Multi tier is made of oak, which restores the natural color and characteristics of wood materials. When designing the wooden frame, the designers did not use a hardware to fix it. The biggest feature of the whole wooden frame is its integration. The four pieces of wood can be easily folded or adjusted by relying on the brass nails on the top. In addition to meeting people's needs, it can also save trouble in the process of transportation and assembly

when passing through the shelf below, the leather liner at the notch will protect the wooden legs to prevent them from sliding down

if you are a lover of wooden furniture, this wooden finishing rack will definitely meet your needs




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