Wallpaper industry market continues to decline, ke

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The wallpaper industry market continues to decline. Keep in mind the three points f

from the situation of the wallpaper industry in the first half of 2012, the wallpaper industry is surging

the continuous regulation and control of real estate, the increasing proliferation of Shanzhai products, the strong entry of many flooring brands into the wallpaper industry, the serious homogenization of products and other adverse factors continue to plague the whole industry, which also makes the life of dealers more difficult

facing the still uncertain market prospect, how should dealers choose

it is an indisputable fact that plagiarism is serious in China's wallpaper industry

in recent years, with the white heat of market competition, counterfeiting has become more and more serious. With the enhancement of enterprises' awareness of intellectual property protection, reports of infringement cases in the wallpaper industry have frequently appeared in newspapers

in May last year, the Xuhui District Court of Shanghai successively accepted seven disputes about the copyright ownership and infringement of wallquest wallpaper products, and many decorative material manufacturers in Shanghai, Wenzhou and Hubei were prosecuted

after the trial, the court held that the patterns of the plaintiff's and defendant's works were completely consistent in the composition and layout of the online strip. Therefore, the court found that these manufacturers had infringed the reproduction right and distribution right of the works involved, and should bear civil liability to stop the infringement and compensate for the losses

on the morning of April 24, 2012, the court ruled that the plaintiff, Shanghai Xinwang wallpaper Co., Ltd., which acted as an agent of wallquest wallpaper products, received a total compensation of 245000 yuan

at present, the most common imported wallpaper products in the market are foreign brands produced in South Korea, Germany, the United States, Britain and other countries. Many domestic brands are also under the banner of "foreign goods". The samples are in foreign languages that ordinary consumers cannot understand, and there are almost no product introductions marked with Chinese characters

"there is no unified industry standard constraint, which is the main reason for the confusion of the wallpaper market." A person in the building materials industry said

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