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There are so many home decoration traps that ordinary consumers can't recognize them without their eyes. Calculated from the decoration project budget alone, the profit margin of some decoration companies is about 30% - 40%. For a mid-range project, the decoration company generally earns a profit of about 20000 yuan, while the owners are overwhelmed by the more profits earned in the decoration process. In order to maximize profits, some decoration companies will even resort to deception

first, the price is increased layer by layer, and the decoration cost is increased by 60%

some decoration companies and foremen subcontract the home decoration projects layer by layer, and the decoration projects are refined and classified, and then the price is increased, which has become a black hand to push up the market price of home decoration. In the traditional decoration mode, home building materials are searched layer by layer through the manufacturer - Sales Department - regional general agent - Prefecture General Agent - Storefront - home decoration company - ordinary people, and consumers will pay 60% to 70% more for this

second, converting the unit of measurement of materials

ingenious conversion of the unit of measurement of materials is the most commonly used and hidden method for some decoration companies to earn profits

generally, the price of materials in the material market is sold according to the unit of measurement such as how much a barrel (Group) and how much a sheet. In the quotation sheet presented by the decoration company to the owner, many main materials are quoted per square meter and per meter, such as paint, plate, etc., so the owner simply does not know how many decoration materials will be used and how many decoration materials will be used

compared with the main material, the moisture content of the auxiliary material is greater. Take the simplest wall treatment as an example. Latex paint sold in the market is calculated in barrels, but decoration companies generally calculate the price of latex paint in units of per square meter, so as to earn a price difference in the process of unit conversion

third, make a budget and sell dog meat with sheep's head

due to the relatively fierce competition in the decoration industry, some decoration companies will obtain the decoration right by means of low total price

when some decoration companies make budgets, they often deliberately omit some items, plus some discounts, so the budget they make is certainly lower than that of other companies. However, because the decoration materials have not been clearly explained to the owners, fake and environmentally friendly materials may be used when using decoration materials, and once the owners require the use of high-quality and environmentally friendly decoration materials, the decoration company will ask for a price increase. In the end, it is the owner who loses more than gains

IV. using loss and subcontracting

loss and subcontracting are also effective ways for decoration companies to earn profits reasonably

no matter ceramic tile, floor or ceiling, some decoration companies generally set a certain loss ratio on the quotation. But in the end, it is difficult for the customer to calculate the actual loss, which is redundant; Wear and tear; Materials flow into the pockets of decoration companies

subcontracting is also a common way for decoration companies to earn profits. The decoration construction personnel secretly replace the brand decoration materials purchased by the owner with other general materials, and use fake and inferior products to achieve the purpose of Jerry building

after this series of tricks, it is estimated that consumers will pay 1-2 times more to complete a house decoration, which is laborious, laborious, laborious and expensive, making many consumers complain endlessly

lawyer: meticulous contract is the key

because there are many concealed works in the decoration, such as the burial of pipelines, it is difficult to provide evidence after problems occur, making the road of decoration litigation more difficult. At the same time, because some decoration contracts are not signed clearly, some decoration disputes can only be resolved by mediation. Only when the decoration company violates the contract, or the decoration company obviously cuts corners on work and materials, can the owner win the lawsuit. Therefore, signing a detailed decoration contract with the decoration company is the premise and guarantee to ensure that the owner's interests are not infringed




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