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China's top ten plate brands; What is the next air outlet customized for the whole house

if 2017 is the "capital year" of the whole house customized home, then 2018 will be the "Matthew effect" year of the whole house customized home

the waves wash away the sand, the strong are always strong, and the weak are always weak. The unprecedented wave of customized home furnishings listing in 2017 constituted a watershed in the development of this industry. Before that, the competitive camp of the whole industry was not very clear. After the listing frenzy, all camps are basically clear

we have been thinking about a question: what is the next air outlet for whole house customization

as we all know, there are several entrances to the current home building materials industry: real estate, decoration, customization. Then, what is the next entrance

the next entry is package

packaging is not only the next entrance, but also another outlet after customization

because the decoration market is 4trillion yuan

because, in the logic of decoration, the whole house customized home is only one of them

because the whole decoration can solve the three low pain points of "low customer order, low efficiency and low profit" existing in traditional decoration

because the whole packaging can solve the four pain points of "time-consuming, labor-consuming, God consuming and money consuming" of consumers

because the decoration can empower decoration companies and create the possibility for consumers to truly realize "bag check-in"

fine craftsman industry model, taking the lead in promoting the decoration revolution

traditional plate wholesale is the foundation of fine craftsman, and whole house customization/decoration is the general trend of industry development. The new model of "whole house easy to install + buy today and install tomorrow" launched by the craftsman of fine materials is to integrate the traditional plate business and whole house customization into the whole decoration

the whole house is easy to install + the concept is to make customization simpler and simplify traditional home decoration

only simple is easy, only easy is simple

we integrate and optimize the disadvantages of traditional customization, and solve the problems of customization industry: error prone, rework, long cycle and so on

intelligent modularization of traditional plates (shortening the decoration period and saving materials) + flexible processing of on-site Woodworking (improving woodworking efficiency, no holes, and the effect is more perfect than traditional customization.)

simplify the cumbersome process involved in home decoration, which specifically includes: measurement, design, material selection, construction, distribution, installation, after-sales, one-stop service, one-step

for thousands of traditional decoration, the whole house easy decoration + is "giving fish is better than giving fish". For countless decoration owners, the whole house easy decoration + is "using navigation instead of map", which is the real realization of "what you see is what you get"

from finished products to customization and then to decoration are two great revolutions in China's home building materials industry and home decoration industry. The craftsman of fine materials can easily decorate the whole house +, and spare no effort to promote the decoration revolution. The consumption trend is vast and mighty. If you follow it, you will prosper, and if you go against it, you will die

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