One door and one window are always closed

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is a bowl of tofu flowers filled with love,

is the intimate words that urge the child to make progress,

is a cup of light tea that the child brews to his parents, is the expression of true love,

is the love nest that the couple takes care of carefully, and the egg tarts baked together,

is the pagoda built by the husband for his wife and children,

is the whispers that the wife falls in her ears,

home has always been on the same boat to start tomorrow

Aishen safety doors and windows,

protect your loved ones with intelligent technology

the meaning of "home"

nothing runs through our lives like family

in Chinese, "home" is a warm word

a treasure covered his head against the cold wind and rain outside

one horizontal and three skimming is the expectation of the family

outward looking is a person's view of home

a vertical hook tightly ties the whole family together

English, "e; Family "covers the elements that a family should have:

father and mother, I love you


home is where you are

selfless love deserves lifelong gratitude


life is like a journey, holding your hand to accompany you to see the scenery

accompany you to see the long flowing water


thank you for making my life more complete

your smile is very important to my life


brilliant lights of the city, Materialistic

is not as good as a door in the home

outside the door is the expectation of the family

inside the door is the harmony of the family, and its happiness


no matter how big and prosperous the world is

is not as good as a window in the home

outside the window is the longing for home

inside the window is the laughter of the family, nagging

open a window

push open a painting


what you see is a green mountain eyebrow Dai, The dancing picture of graceful girls

wise people

see that everything in the world is born, and the melodic picture of the cycle

a frame and a leaf, an aluminum and a color

interweaves and collide, and all kinds of

create different landscapes and different interests

Introduction to Aishen doors and windows

aylson - "Aishen", a safety door and window system under elairsar (Australia) Pty ltd.brand. The brand comes from Australia. The company specializes in the research and development, design and production of high-tech products such as safe door and window systems, high-end noble sunshine houses, building curtain walls, safe entry doors and so on. With strong R & D capabilities and a strong team of innovative thinking, the products launched by Aichen are innovative products from the perspective of customers, such as sunshine rooms without glue and water leakage, breeze series with ventilation and anti mosquito and anti-theft when closing, electric series with automatic window closing in wind and rain, and many other safety door and window products

home is not only a container for life

it is also a harbor for healing the soul and carrying emotions

everyone who lives seriously deserves to be taken seriously

eichen safety doors and windows

make every family safer, healthier and more comfortable





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