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In August, schneiman's whole house customization came with 15 modern and fashionable new wardrobes, which were tender and romantic, slowly bringing a fresh fashion style to the hot summer and early autumn

in August, schneiman's whole house customization came with 15 modern and fashionable new wardrobes, tender and romantic, slowly bringing a fresh fashion style to the hot late summer and early autumn

adopt natural things to create the beauty of life

Domus series Tonghua is a highlight of the new product launched by schneiman this time, which explains the time when a pair of lovers meet, fall in love and spend their whole lives together: it is great luck to fall in love at first sight in a foreign country; The wedding in English Church makes true love bloom and promises a lifetime; Years flow, youth has been lost, and the fingertip diamond ring is still shining, witnessing the time of a lifetime together. It's destiny to hold the hand of your son and grow old together. The designer was impressed by such ordinary and sincere love, so he chose the natural things in the story, four leaf clover, rose and diamond, as the prototype, and in the name of love, simplified and simplified to design a simple, fashionable, elegant and beautiful domu series of Tonghua full of natural flavor, which were named "domu love", "domu love", "domu eternity". Each Tonghua has three colors: dark gray, light gray and gold, You can change the combination according to your preferences to create a different temperament, or noble, or fresh, or beautiful, or elegant... The style of home space changes with the sliding door style of the wardrobe, and the pure natural elements always contain the beauty of life. A happy home is accompanied by acquaintances. The years flow away, and the original heart remains the same

(Duo mu ・ love dark gray)

(Duo mu ・ love light gray)

(Duo mu ・ eternal gold)

return to nature, true fashion

adhering to the concept of sieneman green environmental protection, the design embodies fashion by advocating a natural and relaxed lifestyle. By selecting natural elements, extracting lines and images, we can design modern fresh and fashionable new doors with natural flavor simply and not vulgar, and create a colorful fashion home space. Beauty has no boundaries. The design of the new wardrobe sliding door of schneiman is an exploration of the road to the art of natural soul, integrating nature into the home environment. Return to nature, look for authenticity, and there is a fresh and natural wind flowing in fashion

people with different experiences have different tastes, but there is always a temperament tailored for the new sliding door of schneiman

modern fashion style, Schneider Mann Cavalier grey + Dumu · Liantong flower, highly personalized, youth fashion, suitable for young fashion people

modern petty bourgeoisie style, schneiman solid color covers the shutter cabinet door, simple and elegant, suitable for the elegant petty bourgeoisie crowd

atmospheric and fashionable style, the unique red sandalwood color and exquisite aging technology of sieneman Downton gate in China make the whole space calm and magnificent, expensive and not vulgar. It is suitable for people with considerable taste and psychological maturity

petty bourgeoisie fashion style. The European light luxury design of sieneman Eiffel wardrobe door, combined with the same color cabinet, makes the whole space light luxury and fashionable. The special texture created by the blister process is in line with the people who pursue the taste of detail

module customization, versatile combination

the new sliding door launched by sieneman this time realizes the versatile design of the wardrobe by decomposing the sliding door into basic modules such as door panel, door frame and waist line, and then freely combining them. There are many choices for each basic module, and a variety of door types, glass waist lines and some upgraded aluminum materials can be matched. The rich colors and the flowered waistline are combined and collided at will, making each sliding door distinctive, which can meet the needs and preferences of different people. Sliding doors of different styles are matched with schneiman cabinets, just like girls wearing dresses of different styles, easily changing the overall style of home, which is very beautiful. The basic module is more simple to match after the designer's professional functional consideration and aesthetic design. The collocation of waist line, color, material and other modules, even if it is just arbitrary, the new sliding door created has a unique aesthetic feeling. The taste comes from itself. How far you think, the style of your home will be changeable

enrich product styles and develop cost-effective products

in 2016, a number of new pure color films and new plate color cabinets added by sieneman home were favored by consumers, but the design and application of wardrobe sliding doors were less. In order to meet the market demand, sieneman R & D center adopts sieneman's existing plate colors with the newly developed Tonghua heavy weight to launch 15 new wardrobe sliding doors, accelerating the enrichment of sieneman's modern fashion style product line. The new sliding door adopts covered shutter, plate door core and blister process door core, and different people can have different choices according to the budget. The shutter door is a representative work of this batch of new door models with high cost performance, which increases the coating process but the price remains the same. Due to the different materials and processes, the new wardrobe sliding door has not only the fashionable, simple and cost-effective products of the post-85 generation, but also the products of the mentally mature people. The consumer group covers a wide range. The new product focuses on urban fashion style, which is another transformation of schneiman household products to a younger fashion

craftsman spirit, exquisite taste

the new sliding door is a young and fashionable life proposition, and it is also a concrete embodiment of quality life. Therefore, schneiman is ingenious in product details, and embodies the concept of "taste". Carefully build good products, a sliding door, and open a life

Schneider Mann 2016 new wardrobe sliding door, on August 25, came with love and fashion




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