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"The area of the house is too small, and the guests don't know where to live?" Xiaobian often hears some owners complain that there is too little space and sundries are everywhere. However, due to the limitations of practical conditions, they can't change a large space, so they often feel very distressed. In fact, as long as we deal with the bedroom space reasonably, we can still free up enough space to put sundries, and we won't feel that the space is not enough. Let's follow the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to see how these gold medal designers decorate their homes! Take a look at the 9 super classic small house decoration cases they designed! After reading it, you can decorate it like this

using bookcases instead of partition walls is a space-saving and beautiful practice, which is more suitable for semi private spaces, such as between the study and the aisle, between the living room and the dining room. As a bookcase wall with partition function, this kind of bookcase needs to place relatively neat books and decorations, not too casual, otherwise it will make the space appear messy

the living room is relatively large, and the TV wall cabinet can be used as a partition. It cannot be too high, which blocks the line of sight. The TV adopts a lifting slide, which can be put away when not in use, without making the space appear messy and congested. The two sides of the cabinet can be divided according to needs. One side is the sofa leisure area, and the other side can be used as an open study, game area, or tea tasting area. In short, a short cabinet provides more choices for space planning

I want to take care of my baby and have a relatively independent bedroom space. This transparent wardrobe is a good idea. It not only acts as a partition, but also does not completely partition people's line of sight. The number and placement of clothes inside determine its permeability

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