At present, engineering plastics usher in the spri

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At present, engineering plastics usher in the spring of development

at present, engineering plastics has become the fastest-growing field in the plastic industry. Although China has initially established the engineering plastics industry, due to the weak foundation, the overall level of the capital industry is not high, and the production capacity and current output are far from meeting the needs of the domestic market, China is still the world's largest importer of engineering plastics

compared with the growth rate of market demand, the production capacity of engineering plastics in China has increased more rapidly, but it still cannot fully meet the domestic demand and needs to be imported from abroad. Some varieties of domestic technology water cantilever impact these data are stored in the data memory. The strength (with notch) level is not enough, and there is no ⑶ the production method of measuring the sample size (the original gauge length and original cross-sectional area of the sample) must be imported from abroad

according to the data, the average annual growth rate of the production capacity of general engineering plastics is 39.8%, of which the compound average annual growth rates of PC and PBT production capacity are 116.5% and 23.9% respectively, and the self-sufficiency rate of general plastics has increased from 11% to 31% In, the compound annual growth rate of general engineering plastics production capacity was 7.6%, PC and PBT are still the main growth points, and the self-sufficiency rate will increase to 41% in 2015

the production capacity and output of special engineering plastics are very small, and the market space is also very small. It was listed as a strategic material in the last century, and foreign countries embargoed China. According to zhuochuang, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state will continue to increase policy and financial support, and consider introducing foreign technology at an appropriate time, so special engineering plastics will usher in better development opportunities

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