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Kerui technology made its debut at the second engineering conference. On April 11, 2017, the second Engineering Conference forum of phone engineering 2017 was grandly opened at Marco Polo good day hotel in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Kerui technology, as a leading enterprise in the field of precision automation and precision machining in Asia, For the experience of Kerui technology in automated manufacturing "The experience was presented at this Engineering Forum.

Mr. Wang Xiliang, general manager of Kerui's off axis technology automation division, such as pendulum, link and pointer, delivered a keynote speech at the conference with the theme of Kerui technology helping fly smart manufacturing. Kerui technology shared with partners and customers the experience of Kerui in developing, manufacturing, testing and assembling automation equipment with many famous manufacturers in the industry in recent 16 years with the help of the platform of the engineering conference, The trend and steps of manufacturing automation are analyzed for the reference of manufacturers and OEM

at the beginning, Mr. Wang Xiliang proposed the integration and interconnection of the two cores of industrial automation intelligent manufacturing. The concept of industrial automation has already flown into thousands of households. However, at present, the degree of automation of domestic manufacturers varies, and few manufacturers can have perfect automatic chemical plants. Most intelligent plants are still in the conceptual stage, and the automation concept, technology research and development ability, capital investment and so on are the main bottlenecks. Under the current situation that the product concept and function realization are not inferior to international brands, the level of automation will inevitably determine the competitiveness of manufacturers

Mr. Wang Xiliang showed the technical strength of Kerui and pointed out that the automation factory is the focus of manufacturers to improve product quality and reliability, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, and it is also a concentrated display of the degree of automation. The development of intelligence has entered the fast lane. Only by recognizing the situation, seizing the opportunity, and rationally investing in intelligent manufacturing, can we get rid of our opponents and stand out

Shenzhen Kerui technology exhibited many advanced automation equipment in this keynote speech, and there are not a few star products

the whole speech was full of witty sayings, and the audience was filled with applause. Four classic quotations were amazing

Shenzhen Kerui technology has focused on automatic manufacturing for more than ten years. Because of concentration, it is professional! Which automation equipment supplier is stronger? Kerui technology helps you

at the same time, Kerui technology brought our latest automatic testing equipment, double camera automatic testing equipment, to this forum. It can test the front camera and rear camera, and can test the definition, gray scale, white balance, resolution, dirt, black spots, dark angles (brightness uniformity), noise, white spots, color difference, etc

many participants visited the equipment, watched the demonstration, listened to the engineers explain the process of equipment operation, and exchanged technical experience

this engineering conference forum, Shenzhen Kerui technology circle, around the theme of promoting production to be more professional, more efficient and more systematic, showed the industrial solutions and technical strength in all aspects, and exchanged and discussed industrial experience with many participants, shared project cases, and jointly promoted the development of the automation industry. Kerui technology will uphold its consistent mission, based on continuous technology research and development, provide customized solutions for industry customers, automatically conduct experimental operation and control according to the compiled procedures, and become a partner trusted by customers

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