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Kestar high-end UPS escorts key highways in Gansu

recently, kestar won the bid in one fell swoop with its outstanding application advantages in the transportation industry, especially in the expressway field, in the bidding of power supply equipment for West Changfeng expressway, a key transportation project in Gansu Province. Composed of dozens of kestar Epower series, master series high-end medium and high-power ups and supporting leak proof liquid safety patented batteries, the total safety power supply solution for chemical production enterprises outside the city's chemical parks (including monitoring points) will be fully deployed on the key Expressway to create a highly reliable power platform for communication, monitoring and toll collection systems. Therefore,

West Changfeng (Fengxiang intersection of Changqing bridge in Xifeng) expressway is located in Shaanxi, which shortens the experimental time. It starts at Lijiasi at k49+250 of Qingcheng Xifeng first-class highway of Gansu Provincial Highway 202, and ends at Fengxiang intersection of Pingliang City, connecting Fengxiang intersection to Yongshou Expressway under construction in Shaanxi. It is a national expressway from Qingdao to Lanzhou Fuzhou Yinchuan highway is an important part of the highway in Gansu Province, and it is also one of the key projects of highway construction in Gansu Province during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. The total length of the highway is 77.41 kilometers, and the whole line is constructed according to the standard of two-way four lane expressway. The design speed is 80 km/h, the subgrade is 24.5 meters wide, and the total investment of the project is about 3 billion yuan. It is an important channel connecting Gansu Province and Shaanxi Province. Xi Changfeng also stressed that the purpose of the forum is to learn and exchange, develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, inspire ideas, and share achievements. The construction of highways is of great significance for improving national highways, improving regional traffic conditions, and stimulating the economic development of Qingyang and Pingliang cities in Gansu Province. After the completion of the construction, the eastward highway out of Gansu Province will fully realize high-speed

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