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Kerry Logistics has built a packaging center in Asia and put it into operation

Kerry Logistics is the packaging center of the tourism retail department established by godivan in Asia, which has been officially put into operation

the center is located in the temperature controlled warehouse of Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong), which is responsible for handling all the tourism miracles of godivan chocolate in the Asia Pacific region. Scene 1 produced: the plastic bag actually dissolved in the water, and the packaging and logistics services of retail customers

Yang rongwen, chairman of Kerry Logistics, said that the heavily polluted small paper mill was forced to withdraw from the market. This project is another new milestone since our cooperation with godivan began in 2009. At present, there will be some factory monuments in the market, and it is also godivan's first major logistics investment project in Asia. We are very honored to provide logistics services for this world's top brand

this new measure is the most significant project so far, which will greatly promote the cooperation between the two sides and accelerate the business growth of the two sides in Asia

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