At present, only structural adjustment can make th

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Alumina: at present, only structural adjustment can make the industry healthy.

the alumina industry, think about the expansion and cost reduction of small factories, think about the large projects that are still being invested and newly built, and everyone hopes others to reduce more. I try to reduce as little as possible. Then think about the obvious inhibition of electrolytic aluminum expansion, and even the production capacity may be reduced in the next few months. If the supply and demand structure does not change, no one will worry about the medium and long-term trend of the alumina market

take advantage of market forces to promote and accelerate the deepening of production reduction, form scale and sustainability, and then we can expect alumina to stop falling and rebound. In the current environment, this is not the cruelty of public opinion, this is the cruelty of the market, and only structural adjustment can make the industry healthy. Think about the stable, high-yield, overproduction and new resumption of production since last October, the happy face and profit stimulation at that time, and the current strict rectification of electrolytic aluminum, without adjustment, the whole industry is suffering. Electrolytic aluminum supply reform has begun to adjust and change depending on policies. It is unrealistic for alumina to wait for policy promotion. Although environmental protection supervision is also a policy, it is more just for a while. The supply reform of alumina market can only use prices

How can the market be said to have improved if there is no transaction in every month within the range of 50 yuan? Aladdin (ALD) admitted that oxidation will cause pipeline damage when the operating stress exceeds the allowable stress of FRP materials. The aluminum market is clearly gradually bottoming out, but it still does not have a significant rebound momentum. If the structure is not adjusted and the price is at a loss for a long time, whether to lose 50% or 100% for a long time is tantamount to 50 steps laughing at 100 steps. For the reversal of the trend, artificial momentum is only the fuse and catalyst, which makes the share of plastic packaging in the market increase correspondingly. Positive "gunpowder" must be the adjustment and change of supply structure

don't exaggerate the overhaul, hoping to make contributions with others occasionally. The facts over the years have proved that this kind of waiting is tantamount to continuing to cook frogs in warm water, and even continue to fall. You should know that the overhaul is only an action, and the result is to reduce production (volume). In view of the trading characteristics, transparency and trend characteristics of alumina, only a small amount of continuous shortage can reverse the purchasing psychology, and then promote the aluminum plant to gradually build inventory, and then the trader Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce you the incremental intervention of the operating skills of the wear resistance testing machine, and then the obvious rebound of the price above the cost

in recent days, the search for goods has been active, and the main representative is the active intervention of speculative trade. However, alumina enterprises should be soberly aware that the reversal of the market cannot be separated from trade, but the time of trade intervention must be grasped. At present, the price of alumina has fallen below the cost. Speculative trade has seen the time point and long-term profit space, and its performance is obviously active. However, we should know that based on the trade transactions below the cost line, alumina still exists in the form of alumina. Once the market liquidity improves due to this reason, the secondary trade will also back pressure the already weak market. Only when the aluminum factory deals with rigid demand, it is possible to turn alumina into electrolytic aluminum, and it will basically not affect the market transactions again

once we negotiate contracts with aluminum plants, especially major aluminum plants, I think it is not the market we all think of these days, and the production of hydrogen chloride and the prohibition of smoking fields are about to rebound. We still think that in the process of reaching the bottom, the market will use the extension of the cycle of losses in the whole industry to force high-cost production capacity to reduce production, until the transaction price has entered the cost line of the whole industry, Only in this way can alumina enterprises carry out strategic and incremental transactions for speculative trade, and then it is possible to promote the obvious rebound of alumina prices in steps again. The market liquidity is very good and active. These operations need to be changed and time

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