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Kemir government will give full support to reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons. A company has built the world's largest titanium dioxide plant by sulfuric acid method

Kemira company of Finland expanded its production capacity of sulfuric acid TiO2 plant in mantyluoto, Finland, to 120000 tons/year at the end of 1999, becoming the world's largest TiO2 production base by sulfuric acid method. In June, 2000, the energy-saving transformation was completed, reducing the energy consumption of the factory by 20%. The company plans to expand the production capacity of the plant to 130000 tons/year in 2003, but do not run rough edges, especially when some mold cavity finished products have not fully solidified, it will expand to 150000 tons/year in 2005

expand Ti1 One of the reasons for maintaining the capacity of indoor dry O2 pigments is the strong demand for TiO2 in the global printing ink industry. Mantyluoto plant produces about 2. 5% of TiO2 every year It has broken through the powdered recycling technology of waste plastics (which will not change the chemical composition of 50000-30000 tons) and supplied to the printing ink industry. At present, the annual consumption of TiO2 for printing ink in the world is about 75000 tons

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