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How about Kenwood kmm020 home cooking machine? Friends' comments on Kenwood kmm020

Kenwood kmm020 new popular home cooking machine recommendation: kenwood/Kenwood kmm020 home cooking machine multi-function mixing and cooking machine electric dough mixer. Next, let's take a look at the configuration parameters of Kenwood kmm020 home cooking machine and the use of friends' comments. Let's share with you the reference of choosing Kenwood kmm020 home cooking machine

Kenwood keywood kmm020 home cooking machine configuration parameters are as follows:

specification parameters

juicing/mixing/cooking machine type when the time is ripe to gem IPO

cooking machine

convenient manufacturing

more than 5 people

· carbon fiber composite core wire in power The use of the communication industry

mixing and beating eggs

13300 rpm





kenw in addition, ood/kewood



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