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Kestar green UPS wins the bid for Chongqing Nan'an District Ping'an campus project

recently, in the power supply procurement project for the primary and secondary school campus monitoring project in Chongqing Nan'an District, the product group composed of kestar HP900 series green energy-saving ups and the leakage proof lead-acid poisoning safety patented lead-acid battery produced by Guangdong kestar Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid, It will provide a highly reliable battery solution for the electronic monitoring system of primary and secondary schools in Nan'an District of Chongqing

as the flagship brand manufacturer of ups in Chinese Mainland, Shenzhen Keshida Technology Co., Ltd. has always been in a leading position in the market share of the education industry for many years. It is the main UPS supplier of key projects in the education industry, such as the Western University Campus project of the Ministry of education, the new material workers' village remote primary and secondary education project of many agricultural and domestic enterprises and scientific research institutions, and it is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity city from rural to urban From satellite teaching point terminals to digital libraries, from campuses to information center computer rooms, hundreds of thousands of units/sets have been applied in recent years, sparing no effort to escort China's educational informatization

in view of the in-depth promotion of the informatization construction of Ping'an campus in recent years, kestar, combined with thousands of campus power supply construction experience in various provinces and cities across the country over the years and its understanding of the informatization needs of the education industry over the years, innovatively put forward the concept of green energy-saving, stable and efficient, personalized and flexible campus power supply construction scheme, focusing on promoting to users kestar UPS, supporting safe and patented batteries, high-performance cabinets The campus composed of integrated cabinet machine room and other products of the whole line will accelerate the overall solution of safe power supply of oxidation t load system, explore the scheme of continuously improving the safe power supply of the campus and the new mode of technical support, and create a highly reliable power platform for the safe campus

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