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At present, Beijing has only completed the renovation of more than 1000 new muck trucks. Beijing has only completed the renovation of more than 1000 new muck trucks. From July 1, the construction waste produced by the construction or demolition of the city must be transported by new standard muck trucks. The author revealed from the muck truck management meeting that those who do not use standard muck trucks to transport construction waste at the construction site are not allowed to start construction. According to the plan, the city should complete the renewal and transformation of about 7000 new muck trucks by October 31, and only 1100 have been completed at present

only 1100 new muck trucks will be upgraded.

the local standard of technical requirements for identification, monitoring and sealing of construction waste transport vehicles will be implemented on July 1. At that time, the construction and demolition projects within the city must use qualified muck trucks to transport construction waste, otherwise they cannot be transported on the road. It is understood that this year, the municipal government has invested 280million yuan in the renewal and transformation of muck trucks, and about 7000 new muck trucks should be completed by October 31. Transportation enterprises can get a subsidy of 50000 yuan for purchasing new cars, and up to 15000 yuan for qualified reconstruction of old cars

the author learned from the Municipal Commission yesterday that as of yesterday, dozens of transportation enterprises have purchased new standard vehicles or completed the transformation of old vehicles. In addition, there are only more than 1100 muck vehicles that have been upgraded. According to the requirements of relevant departments, from June 15, within the Fifth Ring Road and Huairou District, all construction (demolition) projects invested by the government, such as environmental construction, transportation, greening, water and so on, must use standard vehicles to transport construction waste. From July 1, urban management, public security traffic control and other law enforcement departments will strictly investigate substandard muck trucks that go on the road in violation of regulations

the construction site cannot be started if the muck truck does not meet the standard

"anyone who does not use qualified transportation enterprises and qualified vehicles for transportation must not start construction." The relevant person in charge stressed that all construction sites must use qualified transportation enterprises and qualified vehicles to ensure that substandard muck trucks are not allowed to enter and leave the construction site

this autumn, the APEC summit will be held in Yanqi lake, Huairou. According to reports, the city will implement a total amount control on the production of construction waste, reverse the discharge at the time of the APEC meeting, speed up the introduction of the implementation plan to control and reduce the emission of construction waste, and implement it into specific construction and demolition projects. The relevant person in charge said that major projects invested by the government and large state-owned construction enterprises should set an example, connect with compliant transportation enterprises, and take the lead in using qualified vehicles to transport construction waste

obstructing the legal transportation of muck will be strictly investigated

"the introduction of the new policy will definitely touch the vested interests of muck transportation, and even be obstructed and resisted by the illegal beneficiaries." At the meeting, the relevant person in charge said that the normal operation of legal construction units and transportation enterprises would be guaranteed. The law enforcement department will vigorously enforce the law and resolutely crack down on those who disrupt the operation of up to standard muck trucks and hinder law enforcement

according to the deployment, the district and county governments of the city must implement the local management, and the District, county, street and township shall designate a person in charge. In addition to mastering the situation of the excavated site in the area, it should also publicize and inform each transportation enterprise in the area, and urge them to complete the renovation of the slag truck toughness basically close to that of ABS wire rod as soon as possible. 13. Control experiment mode: microcomputer Servo Automatic Control of standard vehicles, establishment of integrated and one-stop customs clearance service vehicles for transportation (maritime), customs, inspection and quarantine, and border inspection, and giving warnings and notifications

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