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Kelu Electronics Co., Ltd. was rated as "the listed company with the most development potential among China's top 100 growth companies"

after investigation by the organizing committee, recommendation by the Federation of industry and Commerce and other organizations, and strict examination and approval by the expert review committee according to the ranking criteria, Shenzhen Kelu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was rated as "the listed company with the most development potential among China's top 100 growth companies"

Shenzhen Kelu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a national key high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of electrical instruments, electronic watt hour meters and power automation products. The company currently has a research and development base of nearly 36000 square meters and a production base of nearly 86000 square meters. On March 6, 2007, Kelu Electronics was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and on the production line, with the stock code of 002121

as the first private enterprise in China's power industry to set up an enterprise postdoctoral research workstation, Kelu electronics has mastered the most advanced core technology in the industry. It is the pioneer of the domestic high-end watt hour meter industry and the first brand of domestic standard instruments and equipment. It has independently undertaken a number of national plan projects such as the national "863" plan and the national torch plan, and has achieved a number of major scientific and technological achievements. As a leading power equipment manufacturer in China, it has independently developed relevant products covering six fields:

standard instruments and meters of electronic energy meters for power automation

reactive power compensation of power supply high, medium and low voltage frequency converters

the Department can get the desired shape from a wide angle. Lu electronics has more than 60 innovative products with independent intellectual property rights, many of which have won provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, And obtained invention patents. Relying on the R & D center, which is already the "Shenzhen enterprise technology center", we adhere to the road of production, learning, R & D and exhibition, and cooperate with many domestic famous schools and scientific research institutions to ensure the foresight, innovation and continuity of the R & D of Kelu electronics from the source. At the same time of rapid development, Kelu electronics does not forget to serve the country by industry. Combined with its industry leading position and technical advantages, it has actively participated in the drafting of national and industrial standards for many times, which has driven the technological upgrading of the whole industry and products and highlighted its core competitive advantages

based on the advanced project management and knowledge management mode, Kelu electronics wholeheartedly provides users with professional, stable and most valuable products and services. With the unique cultural charm of "openness, pragmatism, inclusiveness, respect and happy implementation", it has gathered more than 800 technical, marketing and management elites, and established a product R & D, sales and service system that aims to achieve the goal of "made in China 2025". The material is the largest short board model, At present, it has four subsidiaries: Kelu software, Kelu power technology, Chengdu Kelu continent and Kelu frequency converter, with branches and marketing networks in more than 30 major cities in China. At the same time, taking standard instruments and electronic energy meters as the starting point, Kelu electronics has successfully opened the markets of more than 40 countries and regions in the world, such as India, Pakistan, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, etc

in the future, our company will continue to improve its leading level in the field of power measurement and standard instruments, launch more accurate high-grade products, and strive to enter the world's advanced ranks. At the same time, we will continue to conduct in-depth research in the field of high-voltage frequency converters and reactive power compensation, so as to contribute to China's energy conservation, emission reduction and power quality improvement

Kelu Electronics will meet the challenge with confidence from an international perspective, build a global brand of Kelu power equipment, and build a world-class century old group enterprise

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