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Keppel Jiaobao Malaysia factory has passed the ISO 50001 energy management certification

recently, Keppel Jiaobao Malaysia factory has successfully obtained the ISO 50001 certificate to synthesize a variety of layered carbonitrides with various properties. After obtaining the certificate, while ensuring the current energy saving level, Cabo Jiaobao also strives to continue to achieve higher energy saving goals, and vigorously supports sustainability and carbon emission reduction goals

iso 50001 is an international energy management system standard, aiming at ① landfill to reduce energy consumption by improving efficiency. The standard has made relevant provisions on the use and consumption of energy, including the measurement, recording and reporting, design and procurement practices for equipment, systems, processes and personnel related to energy consumption performance

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in order to achieve this standard, Keppel Jiaobao Malaysian factory has integrated energy management practices into its existing management system, including implementing energy policies (such as reducing energy consumption goals), formulating detailed action plans to achieve each goal, and monitoring these standards through the internal energy audit project with a large gap in the domestic new material industry

in addition to the existing ISO 9001 quality management certificate and ISO14001 environmental management certificate, keber Jiaobao has further proved its efforts in improving energy efficiency by obtaining the ISO 50001 certificate. As a result, keber Jiaobao implements an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 50001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, so that the whole company can get better development

keber Jiaobao launched the "caring you me" energy awareness activity in April 2014, focusing on the health and safety of employees through the environment, health and safety (EHS) plan. At the same time, ISO 50001 certification will improve energy consumption performance, minimize operating costs, improve the company's reputation through high-quality products, and bring a higher quality of life to employees and communities

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