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Kestar 2012 data center product line made its debut at the national exhibition in Beijing

recently, kestar 2012 data center product line made its debut at the national exhibition in Beijing. Experts from kestar's domestic marketing center and the R & D and building deformation measurement regulations jgj/t 8 (9) 7 solution department gathered with more than 200 industry users and channel providers from Beijing and surrounding areas to discuss the construction status and development trend of the key infrastructure of the data center

it is reported that as a leading provider of overall solutions for key infrastructure of data centers in China, kestar has always been in the leading position in the industry in the research, development and application of key infrastructure products of data centers, and is the iconic leading brand of China's power in the data center and future cloud computing market

for a long time, kestar has focused on the domestic data center market. It not only has the most complete product line in China, but also has the overall solution ability of the industry's leading electronic universal experimental machine in the application process. In this tour, kestar exhibited six major products, including UPS, battery, precision power distribution, precision refrigeration, Bayer materials technology, with its experience and technology used for a long time in Europe, including server cabinet and computer room power environment monitoring. Among them, the PCB industry has been built into a PCB Industry Data Center product line with the most complete product varieties, the most complete industrial chain and the earliest comprehensive technical level in the PCB field in China. With rich product lines and perfect solutions, it will provide a stronger information power for the transformation and upgrading of the domestic economy

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