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According to the decision on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries issued by the State Council, as one of the strategic emerging industries, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will usher in golden growth in the next decade and become an important pillar industry of the national economy. As a core industry in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, instruments and meters will also usher in an explosive growth in the utilization of lithium-ion batteries. In recent years, the state has formulated corresponding strict standards in many industries, including food safety, environmental protection and medicine, which also plays an accelerating role in promoting the development of the instrument industry. The national economy and the people's livelihood require high-end precision instruments, This will be an important period for the rapid development of the instrument industry. Recently, all provinces have been vigorously promoting the good grain and oil project, which will become the driving force for the development of a new round of instrument industry

when the overall development environment is favorable, how can we make domestic instruments develop rapidly? For small and medium-sized enterprises, channel marketing is the fastest, most convenient and lowest cost channel. So how to coordinate the relationship between enterprises and channel providers has become the top priority of enterprise development

instrument manufacturers and distributors should coordinate the relationship in four aspects: market, products, channel maintenance and service

first, the market is oriented

for instrument channel providers, enterprises vigorously promote market brand marketing, which is the most direct support for channel providers. Targeted market support strategies will greatly promote the increase of product sales of channels, and market support strategies will often become an important consideration for channels to choose instrument manufacturers

1. Advertising

advertising support policy is generally an important market support method for manufacturers to channel, and it is also one of the market support means that manufacturers prefer to use. Targeted advertising can increase customers' awareness of products,

appropriate advertising support policies can form a large market pull on the client side, especially for products close to mass consumption, and the advertising policies of suppliers will have a great impact on channel sales. Only through network, exhibition, paper media, soft text and other ways of full coverage brand influence, can users be truly captured and users have subjective judgment in purchasing

2. Market activity support

the channel policy that can effectively improve sales is also market activity support. Both manufacturers and channel providers attach great importance to this aspect. At present, the activities targeted at users include national chromatography conference, petrochemical chromatography conference, Munich exhibition, BCEIA, etc. at present, the systematic activities targeted at channel merchants are only "yishanghui" channel summit activities. Taking the province as the unit, channel merchants are organized to carry out exchange and docking activities, which has played a considerable role in brand promotion and channel sinking of small and medium-sized enterprises

3. Promotional materials support

with the further popularization of Internet, users can easily understand product information from the Internet. The demand of channels for promotional material support will be further reduced. However, good network promotion planning materials, like the printing and distribution of enterprise propaganda color pages, have also made significant progress in machinery

second, the product is the core

1. In terms of price, the packer is on the same front with the customer, and the brand agent is on the same line with the manufacturer. However, both packers and brand agents hope that manufacturers can provide cost-effective products that can fully meet the needs of users. Only having market competitiveness in similar products is the key to attracting users. With the channel profit margin getting lower and lower, channel providers have higher expectations for manufacturers on this side

2. Product quality

products with core technology, strong industrial design and excellent quality can finally win public praise in the market and customer trust in brand. For manufacturers in the instrument industry, appearance and product technical performance are indispensable

3. Product iteration

the update speed of products is even more related to the success or failure of competition. However, the "yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute believes that for the instrument industry, due to the characteristics of the industry, there are few large technical C) product standards; Technological breakthrough, so in terms of product iteration, we should pay more attention to the feedback of users, starting from the application update of products

4. Profit distribution

manufacturers should try their best to leave a larger profit space for channels to improve channel loyalty. Only when manufacturers regard channel providers as intangible assets and bind the interests of channels with the interests of enterprises, can they develop better

5. Product structure integrity

for manufacturers, a complete product line structure means that they can meet the needs of most customers and have a high market share. For growth manufacturers, if they want to make profits in the short term, their product lines should be shorter, as long as they include those more profitable product projects

6. Brand strength

when purchasing unfamiliar products, users often first consider the brand strength of the manufacturer. Strong brand strength plays a great role in promoting product sales. For manufacturers, it is necessary to carry out brand marketing and promotion for end users and channel providers. The "yishanghui" channel summit serves channel providers and gathers channel providers across the province through the summit. It is an important position for channel brand promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in the instrument industry

Third, channel maintenance

excellent manufacturers maintain channels as intangible assets of enterprises. It is very important to maintain channel loyalty for product sales. In reality, many enterprises have good products, but can not get good sales performance, because there is no stable and efficient channel system. Taking nitrogen determinator as an example, Jinan Haineng pays attention to channel construction and capital operation, so it has a great promotion in the market; Jinan Jingrui is a relatively successful enterprise in channel transformation and production. It is good at market-oriented operation, but it lacks teams and funds; Shanghai peiou is a technology-based company, which has no systematic marketing system and lacks modern marketing management

as the saying goes, the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. Not only should there be a good brand promotion plan, but also the implementation team. In this way, the enterprise performance will be greatly improved

1. Long term channel reward policy

to maintain a good relationship with dealers, enterprises must formulate reasonable rules of the game, coupled with appropriate rewards and punishments, so as to achieve the purpose of managing and mastering the market. Establish a long-term mechanism, allow dealers to have a low point, and establish a long-term strategy for channel merchants, which is conducive to the development of enterprises

2. Channel order control

manufacturers hope to have a good competition order, and what channels want is to get more profits in the fierce competition. The inconsistency between the objectives of manufacturers and channels makes the maintenance of competition order a difficult point. Therefore, good channel policies help cultivate and establish channel loyalty

3. Supply capacity

with the sinking of manufacturer's marketing center to secondary and tertiary cities and the flattening of channels, the problem of supply capacity will become prominent. In the era of Internet and mobile Internet, the division of labor in the industry will bring about differentiated operations, and the warehousing and logistics of goods will directly affect the stability of channel policies

4. Channel training efforts

as a bridge between manufacturers and end users, channel sales skills and technical capabilities have a great impact on product sales. The improvement of channel capacity will inevitably improve the product sales and customer satisfaction of manufacturers

5. Communication with channels

the survey shows that establishing a good communication between manufacturers and channels JGJ 106 ⑵ 003 channel of technical specification for building foundation pile testing is helpful for channels to quickly understand products and promote products

6. Enterprise business reputation

enterprise business reputation refers to the credit and reputation established by an enterprise in long-term business activities. It is the concentrated expression of business values and business ethics. Establishing a good business reputation is a strong cohesion internally and a great attraction externally, which is conducive to improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. For manufacturers and channels, only by maintaining the good reputation of both sides can they obtain long-term common interests

IV. service

the biggest change in the instrument industry in recent years is the transfer of profits from single machine sales to service end. Foreign brands Agilent, Waterworld, etc. the profits of services have accounted for more than 30% of the total revenue of enterprises. "Yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute believes that with the change of market competition, the focus of competition has also changed from technology and product appearance to service, The development strategy of manufacturers has also changed from product orientation to customer service orientation. Constantly improving customer service satisfaction is also the focus of instrument manufacturers, as well as the focus of channel selection manufacturers

1. Service timeliness

Service timeliness is an important indicator for customers to judge the quality of after-sales service. For suppliers, maintaining an appropriate number of after-sales service networks and preparing sufficient spare parts are the hardware guarantee to ensure the timeliness of services. Although this requires a lot of investment, it cannot be saved. At present, it is difficult for enterprises in the instrument industry to provide timely services, so it is very important to establish a localized service model and accelerate the after-sales service training of channel providers. "Yishanghui" is currently carrying out the training of after-sales service and maintenance skills in the national analytical instrument industry, which will strengthen the improvement of the service ability of channel providers in the instrument industry. At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for undertaking the localized after-sales service of manufacturers

2. Service quality

in terms of service, users are most concerned about service quality. If there are problems in product quality, the manufacturer can make remedies in after-sales service. Ensuring service quality is not only responsible for customers, but also for dealers, but also for manufacturers themselves

v. conclusion

for manufacturers, channels are the bridge connecting enterprises and users. The domestic market area is vast, the level of economic development varies greatly, and the needs of customers are diverse. Only by using the resources of various channels to promote and sell products, can we gain a foothold in the market competition. As for the instrument channel, it undertakes the important task of delivering products and solutions from manufacturers to all kinds of users. It needs to accurately evaluate its own ability, select suitable manufacturers, grasp the needs of customers, and fully meet the needs of customers, so as to obtain satisfactory profits in today's increasingly fierce competition

as an important link in the industrial chain of the instrument industry, channel providers are the bridge between manufacturers and users. Without the support of channel providers, the product circulation efficiency of enterprises will be greatly reduced, and the operating costs of enterprises will also be significantly increased. The whole industry must have a full understanding of the channel link, regard the channel as one of the most important intangible assets of the enterprise, and improve the satisfaction of the channel, which will contribute to the rapid development of the enterprise. I hope manufacturers can take these problems seriously and improve the satisfaction of the channel

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