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With the continuous deepening of China's financial system reform and the rapid development of foreign-funded insurance companies, large-scale insurance companies such as PICC, China Life Insurance (41.65,0.87,2.13%), China Pacific, China Ping An (65.85,2.25,3.54%) have established or begun to establish insurance finance groups. The strategic combination optimization and coordinated development of business under the control of the group and the formation of strategic synergy are important topics for insurance group companies to study and strive to achieve breakthroughs, and the linkage of production and life is an important way to achieve this strategic goal

first, industry life interaction is a strategic choice to achieve synergy.

industry life interaction is a sales model in which industry and life insurance companies cooperate and act as agents for each other's insurance business within the scope approved by the CIRC. This model includes two levels: one is the mutual agency of insurance business between different insurance companies; Second, the inter agency insurance business between property and life insurance companies within the group. Because the property and life insurance companies within the same group have the same "kinship", and the business philosophy, corporate culture, business policies, information technology, management structure and so on are highly unified, the linkage within the group can make the linkage indicators more binding, the risk management is easy to coordinate, and the backup support is guaranteed

(I) the implementation of industry life linkage is conducive to revitalizing internal resources and diluting operating costs

in terms of resource stock, property and life insurance companies have different resource advantages (3076.698,30.42,1.00%). The resource advantage of property insurance company lies in its good customer base; The resource advantage of life insurance companies lies in their huge marketing and exhibition teams and long-term customer groups. Due to the influence of many factors, the insurance group with property and life insurance companies lacks due strength in the exploration and utilization of the group's existing insurance resources after the separate operation of property and life insurance. The utilization of insurance resources is not sufficient, and many market opportunities have been lost. Through the "visible hand" of the group's internal management, the insurance group can build a direct carrier to realize the synergy within the group - resource sharing platform, improve the efficiency of the use of existing resources, so that the unused resources that were not fully utilized and unused can be fully utilized within the company, and the internal allocation efficiency of the group's resources is higher than that of the external market, Produce economies of scope and scale effects, and promote the performance generated by the integration of each business unit to be greater than the sum of the performance generated by each business unit alone, so as to achieve the win-win of production, life and employees, and receive the effect of 1+1+1 3. At the same time, the implementation of production life linkage, on the one hand, the company can obtain new business volume through cross selling and reduce the per capita sales cost. More importantly, when the agency fees in the insurance market continue to rise, the mutual agency between subsidiaries within the group can 2. The stretching and tightening of testing materials can greatly reduce the expenditure of agency fees; On the other hand, it can effectively support the growth and development of subsidiaries within the group. 2. It attaches great importance to the exhibition of food contact raw materials, especially the newly established subsidiaries, which can reduce the start-up capital time by sharing the group's shared resources: on May 20 (2) 3, 2015, save construction time and improve benefit output

(II) the implementation of production life linkage can effectively improve the overall market competitiveness

at present, linkage sales has become a means of market competition for many insurance companies. The property insurance subsidiary of Taiwan Cathay Pacific Financial Holdings receives more than 65% of the total premium income through the strong business sales network of its brother company Cathay Life every year. In the mainland market, more and more insurance companies have started the agency mode of linkage sales. For example, China Insurance Holdings has explored and tried the cross agency of its Taiping property and life insurance company, Pacific Company and property and life insurance companies under Ping An company. According to statistics, in 2005, the business income of Ping An Life Insurance Company for Ping An Property Insurance Company reached 1billion yuan, and contributed a lot of underwriting profits. With the rapid increase of insurance entities, insurance group companies can maintain strong sustainable competitiveness and ensure the business results and market position over the years only by giving full play to the organizational advantages of business collaboration and other aspects of collectivized operation and avoiding competing in the same room and building barriers to each other. It can be said that the implementation of the industry life linkage strategy by the group company is not only the requirement to maintain the existing horizontal competitiveness in the market, but also the necessary preparation to compete with more powerful comprehensive operators in the future

(III) the implementation of industry life linkage can meet the diversified needs of customers for insurance. At present, the comprehensive self-sufficiency rate of China's new chemical materials market is only about 60%

the further acceleration of China's opening-up and economic development, and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, will inevitably determine the diversification of insurance market demand. Property insurance or life insurance products alone can no longer meet all the insurance needs of customers. According to the survey, nearly 55% of the respondents do not know how to choose many insurance companies and insurance products, and more than 50% of the respondents are not interested in buying a single insurance product. It can be seen that the traditional single product marketing method can no longer meet the diversified consumer needs of customers. The management system of insurance companies should comply with the changes of the market and realize the transformation from "policy based" to "customer-based" as soon as possible. PICC, life insurance, Pacific, Ping An and other group companies implemented the mixed operation of property and life insurance before implementing the separate operation in 2000. The employees have rich experience in cross selling and have certain personnel and sales advantages in the linkage of production and life. Therefore, the implementation of industry life linkage can not only make up for the narrow coverage of individual property insurance products or life insurance products, which are difficult to meet the needs of customers' comprehensive needs, further improve the overall sales system of the group, maintain and enhance the influence of the company in customers, but also improve the comprehensive quality of business personnel, increase the income of business personnel, stabilize the workforce, and improve the operating efficiency of the whole group

(IV) the implementation of production life linkage is conducive to the casting of insurance brands.

the group company should not only have strong brand management ability, but also need to systematically develop and operate the group's brand image and reputation. By deeply excavating brand value, it should focus on market promotion and improve brand strength. Cross company linkage can effectively promote the growth of the business of both parties, but due to the different business philosophy, cultural heritage, management level, network system, service force, etc., there may be great differences in the early underwriting, especially in the late service, and there is a risk of buck passing and losing everything. Internal linkage of the group: first, unify the signer of crystal, and provide customers with

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